"I met Ashley right after I finished P90x. So, I was in good shape but still not satisfied where my weight was. I was constantly thinking about fitting in more exercise and eating less. This left me constantly obsessing on numbers making me miserable.

I called on Ashley to help me with my nutrition because that is was I thought I needed help with and after all I knew it all right? So after an in-depth consult I decided to sign up for her program. Which has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

I now spend less time working out and I no longer count calories constantly. I no longer agonize over my food choices either. I have noticed changes in my body that I didn't even know I wanted. I FINALLY lost the last 5 pounds and Ashley's program took my body and sculpted it into a shape that I always wanted.

I cannot say enough about how Ashley's program has changed my mindset on exercise and food. The results show. I have had so many compliments and questions about what I have been doing and I do not hesitate to tell them about working with Ashley.”

Dee M. 

“A truly integrative approach to fitness, food and mindset. My experience with Ashley has been life changing. I believe that anyone who has asked themselves, "Why can't I just eat less and exercise more?" would benefit from this approach to exercise and a healthier relationship with food.”

Michele A.

“Best experience of my life!”

Beth F.

"Have you ever stood in the grocery store, incredibly distraught, thinking, "Self magazine says to eat this, but Shape magazine says to eat that. What do I need to eat to lose weight??!!"

This is what I will call "fog" weight loss - not knowing what to do even though you're provided with endless information. Ashley, owner of Brainy Betties, clears that fog. Ashley helps you find out how to figure out the best way to lose fat for you. Instead of telling you what to eat, Ashley tells you how to determine what your body needs to be satisfied and ultimately how to lose fat.

Before Ashley, I had a very bad, unhealthy relationship with food. 

I would eat things I didn't even want simply because "I wasn't supposed to." I felt like I had to “get it in while I could.” I would binge and eat that fourth slice of tasteless pizza, even though my stomach was already aching. I easily spiraled into dark funks when I went out to eat and devoured the entire plate, while my friends split their dishes. 

Ashley's approach and training has COMPLETELY altered the way I look at food. 

I feel like I've broken out of prison. No, better yet, I feel like I was given a pardon and released from my shackles.

Meaghan B.