*Brainy Betties likes to have a private environment for women to improve their lives. For this reason, it will be rare that you will ever see pictures of the Brainy Betties. 


"I had been looking for a focus and direction to improve on what I had been doing all my life to keep myself healthy and strong – both physically and mentally.  I was very active, eating properly and had no serious health issues for my age.  OK… the cholesterol was a bit high and I was probably a few pounds more than I wanted to be.  But when you hit your 60’s who cares? 

But I did care.  I wanted to do better but I didn’t know where to go or whose advice to trust.  In July 2015, I was introduced to Ashley.  I was immediately drawn to her personality.  She was sincere and honest when we spoke.  I could feel the passion and desire for what she wanted to accomplish with her business and thus began my journey with Brainy Betties. 

I can honestly say she has changed my life.  She is well educated, extremely knowledgeable in her field and gives you all the tools you need to change your life for a more balanced mind, body and soul.  She provides the education and support to successfully gain control of yourself; to make better choices; to make a better YOU

I am now 12 pounds lighter, my cholesterol is 160 and my body is toned.  I sleep like a rock; I lift weights and do pushups; and all of this because of Brainy Betties.  I could not give a higher recommendation to this program or to Ashley."


-MEH Hudson, NY


"Have you ever stood in the grocery store, incredibly distraught, thinking, "Self magazine says to eat this, but Shape magazine says to eat that. What do I need to eat to lose weight??!!"

This is what I will call "fog" weight loss - not knowing what to do even though you're provided with endless information. Ashley, owner of Brainy Betties, clears that fog. Ashley helps you find out how to figure out the best way to lose fat for you. Instead of telling you what to eat, Ashley tells you how to determine what your body needs to be satisfied and ultimately how to lose fat.

I had a very bad, unhealthy relationship with food. I would eat things I didn't even want simply because "I wasn't supposed to." I ate that fourth slice of tasteless pizza, even though my stomach was already aching. I easily spiraled into dark funks when I went out to eat and devoured the entire plate, while my "skinny" friends split their dishes. Ashley's approach and training has completely altered the way I look at food. Together, Ashley and I got to the bottom of my emotions and figured out why I was doing what I did and felt the way I did. I feel like I've broken out of prison. No, better yet, I feel like I was given a pardon and released from my shackles.

Ashley is an educator. She doesn't tell you what to do. She helps you learn what you have to do to regain control. This is the key to the consistent, long term weight loss. I could stop eating pizza for the rest of my life, or decline dinner invitations from my friends, but that will not make me happy, nor will it keep me healthy. Yet, that deprivation is the format many weight loss plans tell you to follow. After Ashley's guidance, I am in control. Now, my body AND mind are satisfied with only two slices of pizza and I am confident and excited when I go out to eat with my friends. These are only two examples I am providing. Ashley offers SO. MUCH. MORE.

Get out of the fog, regain control over your life."

Meaghan B., Glenmont, NY


"Since working with Ashley at Brainy Betties, I have been able to strengthen not only my physical body but my mind as well.

Brainy Betties has helped me put to rest many of the mixed messages I had previously received about diet and exercise and helped me learn to value and respect myself for who I am as the women I am right now, not just how acceptable my body is compared to today's social standards of how I should look.

I have learned that many of my emotions were being coped with through eating and I now have the knowledge to know how to identify stress  and cope with it in healthy ways that are positive for my body.

This realization has also had a positive impact on the direction of my professional career as a social worker and inspired me to start looking into developing a coaching program for young adult women and teenage girls to help them learn to value themselves. Through working with Ashley, I realized many of the negative experiences I have encountered in past relationships would not have happened if I valued and respected myself.

My new outlook on health and wellness and inspired me to want to help  other women know their worth and make better choices for themselves because they are worthy of healthy relationships. I'm looking forward to taking this direction in my social work career and I feel healthy, happy and confident thanks to Ashley's empowering, knowledgeable and non-judgemental approach to physical fitness"


Amanda D., Feura Bush, NY


"I met Ashley in late November 2014. When I met her I had just finished P90x so I was in good shape but still not satisfied where my weight was. I was constantly thinking about fitting in more exercise and eating less. This left me constantly obsessing on numbers making me miserable.

I called on Ashley to help me with my nutrition because that is was I thought I needed help with and after all I knew it all right? So after an in-depth consult I decided to sign up for her program. Which has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

Over the course of a few months Ashley helped me to accept that being healthy and fit was not a goal but a journey that you have to take. She taught me to be patient with myself and accept my failures, learn from them and move on. No guilt necessary as I was typically really hard on myself if I gained an ounce, or missed a workout etc.

Since I have started her program I spend less time working out and I no longer count calories constantly. I no longer agonize over my food choices either. I have noticed changes in my body that I didn't even know I wanted. I lost 5 pounds and Ashley's program took my body and sculpted it into a shape that I always wanted.

Her approach of eating foods from the earth most of the time makes eating easy. Mindful eating is the easiest "diet" you could ever try. I put diet in quotes on purpose because I truly do not feel the word is accurate because it indicates restrictions. Learning how to eat mindfully takes time and practice, but once you have done it for a while you don't need to think about it. It just becomes part of you.

I cannot say enough about how Ashley's program has changed my mindset on exercise and food. The results show. I have had so many compliments and questions about what I have been doing and I do not hesitate to tell them about working with Ashley.

If you want to change your life. If you want to be more fit. If you want to be happier and more loving of yourself. I suggest you give Brainy Betties a try. It is amazing and will change your life."

Dee M., Coxsackie, NY 

Since becoming a member of Brainy Betties I feel like I have been on a self discovering journey. It has given me a chance to reconnect with myself.

The program touches on so many other aspects besides fitness and just getting in shape. I'm learning about who I am and also who I'd like to become. It has given me a sense of independence back--something I felt like I had lost after becoming a wife and having my boys. 

It's very different than other weight loss programs. It's a supportive group where you feel comfortable to talk amongst other members, share lessons, and experiences learned, and also feel as though your not going through it on your own. To me it's about learning to live a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle without ever having to diet again

As a leader I feel Ashley is very informed, educated, committed, caring, sympathetic, and honest--a value I really appreciate. She's always there, more than willing to help if you need her. It's funny because I always hear her voice in my head guiding me. I ask myself "What would Ashley say?"

With Ashley's help, I am enjoying the path that I am taking and looking forward to the woman I am becoming.

Jessica L., Ravena, NY