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Be Fit AND Happy!

Escape your body, food, and exercise prison!


Hi Brainy Betty!!!

Do you feel like your life is controlled by thoughts of food, exercise, or your body?


Yes??!! Well, you've come to the right place!

Brainy Betties is all about helping you become:



Helping you create a healthy relationship with your, food, exercise and body...

So you can be fit AND love your life too!


Did you know....


The main thing keeping you from fit AND happy is the mindset you have about yourself?


On this page you will learn...

  • Why the Mindset You Have About Yourself is Keeping You Locked in Your Food, Body, and Exercise Prison...and is pushing you further into it.


  • Why to Be Fit AND Happy, You Also Need CORRECT Science to Go Hand in Hand with Healing Your Mindset…diets and fad exercise programs (and their pseudoscience) are also keeping you locked in your prison.


  • How You Can Discover What Diet and Fad Exercise Companies DON’T Want You to Know



Are Most of Your Days Spent Thinking About Food???


About what you “can” and “can’t” eat? 


How your food choice will affect the look of your body?


What the scale is going to say?




Sound familiar??

Then what you're about to read, is what you've been waiting for all your life!

Here's why.....



At the End of Your Life:

Do You Want to look Back and See How much you missed?

because you were always thinking about:

  • When your next meal was

  • If there’s going to be food at the party that you “could” eat

  • How your stomach looks in your outfit

Etc, etc, etc....you know the list goes on and on and on....




Do You Want to Look Back and See a Life Well Lived?

One where you loved the skin you're in and soaked out EVERY amount of pleasure life has to offer?


Hi! I'm Ashley,

Masters degreed exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and owner of Brainy Betties in Coxsackie, NY.

I want you to know that...



I Know You Feel...

-Like you're the only person who can't get their act together with food

-Ashamed when you eat certain food or certain amounts

-Like your body is "gross" and you think "How could anyone love me like this?"

-Etc, etc, etc...


I know because...

I've been right where you are right now!!!

And it was an excruciating time in my life.

When I was a young, I bought into the idea that my body was less than worthy-that I was less than worthy...


that I was broken/flawed and need to be “fixed.”

So, EVERY decision I made came from this angle


Of course I thought I would “fix this problem."

This started my obsession with running. Because at the time, that’s what I thought I had to do to be fit (it’s not btw.) But, I would run for miles on end. This in combination with hating my body, triggered my unhealthy relationship with food.

There were so many times in my life where I would:

  • Eat in hiding (eating 30 chocolate chip cookies in the dark comes to mind)

  • Scrutinize my body in the mirror in attempt to stay away from “bad” food (wishing I could cut off certain areas of my body)

  • Punish myself with hours of exercise when I ate something “bad”

  • Eat ALL THE FOOD so I wouldn’t have to worry about giving into it later.

After not getting the body I wanted through running,

I then decided to try my hand at all the fad diets and exercise programs...


These made my food, exercise, and body obsessions worse!!!


Because not only were they

 selling to me from a place of “You’re not good enough”,

They weren’t tailored to me, my unique body, and my unique life



Since these programs just operated on the idea of 'More Exercise is Better' and 'Less Food is better,'

they actually created a hormonal situation in my body that made it even harder to lose fat!!!


To make matters worse, since I was forced to live in their “box” of what I “could” and “could not” do, I had to rely on willpower to stay the course. This along with not seeing the results I wanted, fueled the obsessions...I thought I must be weak for not being able to stick with these programs (when in reality this wasn't the truth.)

And of course, I would go through periods of being EXHAUSTED with this way of "living", would give up for a while, and then try something else later.


But, after many years of this garbage I had it. I was going to “figure this whole exercise and food thing out.”

So, I went to college for exercise physiology and got into fitness training.




Getting my master's degree in exercise physiology, accumulating over a decade of fitness training experience, and constant continuing education in food and exercise has given me:


  • A WONDERFUL base of scientific knowledge around food and exercise

Knowledge gives you power...as cheesy as that is

  • A thorough understanding of how to develop a better relationship with food and exercise

By learning how to get rid of the shame/'All or Nothing'/'Good and Bad'/Perfectionism mindsets around them

But, the problem was...

I was now fit (but it wasn't "good enough"), and I was only partially happy. I was happy that my exercise and food were so much more efficient, and my relationship with food and exercise had improved. 

But, the constant thoughts about food and exercise were still lingering around....and the obsessions with my body were DEFINITELY still there.

The obsessions were still there because I had yet to deal with the thing that was driving them....


I wasn't truly happy because even though I was fit, my self-worth was still on my body.


So, fit was NEVER going to be fit enough


My mind would STILL be consumed with thoughts of my food, body, and exercise.


This was when I realized something was missing...

To EVER get a woman to fit AND happy (truly happy in her life and in her skin) her mindset about herself and where her worth is needs to be healed.

Our culture is always telling women that their value is on how they look…and we can either continue to accept this message and let it drive our lives OR we can discover and embody a new one....


And this is why I’ve Created Brainy Betties

After taking my self-worth off of my body and becoming FULLY fit AND happy I am now obsessed with helping other women feel this sense of freedom and joy too.

After 15 years in the food, body, and exercise prison, I finally escaped!!! And I couldn’t be happier to live MY life….

Having our thoughts CONSTANTLY being consumed with how our body looks, what we’re eating, or whether we’re going to be able to exercise or not takes soooo much joy from our lives.

Not only that, it takes your focus away from what you’re actually supposed to be doing here...on earth.

I can assure you, you weren’t put here to obsess about your food, body, or exercise 24/7.


My life purpose is to help women just like you escape this food, body, and exercise prison….


That’s why I had to not only live it myself, but become an expert in:


Women's Mindsets with:




Science of:



female Physiology

***And how all of these are intertwined




Some of my formal degrees and certifications are:

-M.A. Exercise Physiology: The College of St. Scholastica Duluth, MN

-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer

-Onnit Academy Certified Trainer: Nutrition, mobility, proper body alignment, and the use of unconventional tools (Kettlebells, battling ropes, sandbags, suspension, steel mace, and steel club.)

Learn More About Me and My Qualifications, Here: Owner Bio


What Does Fit AND Happy Feel Like???


Freedom from obsessing about food, obsessing about exercise, and obsessing about your body.

Freedom to be in control of your OWN life, live YOUR life the way you want, and have the fitness level you desire all at the same time.

It’s having the fitness level you want while also loving the life you’re living

Helping other women just like YOU experience the feeling of Fit AND Happy is what gets me excited to get out of bed every single day. 

Like I said, I was right where you are right now!

I know the pain you live in every single day. 

It doesn't have to be like this. 

With the right mindset and science you CAN be Fit AND Happy!

You can...



Feel confident in your own skin and self

...vs constant nagging "not good enough" thoughts



Get control of your food

...vs having your food control you



Make exercise a happy, nourishing and efficient expereince

...vs terrible torture 



Make eating a natural and More effortless process (and still get the results you want!)

...vs wasting half your life counting everything you put in your mouth (i.e. carbs, points, calories, macros etc...)



Create optimal efficiency and results with exercise (maximizing your time and energy)

...vs just doing a workout that burns a bunch of calories...but, lacks long-term efficiency and wastes your precious energy



Create efficient and sustainable fat loss

…vs losing and gaining fat for the rest of your life

***If this is your goal


What the Brainy Betties Have to Say!

“...I can honestly say Ashley has changed my life.  She is well educated, extremely knowledgeable in her field and gives you all the tools you need to change your life for a more balanced mind, body and soul.  She provides the education and support to successfully gain control of yourself; to make better choices; to make a better YOU.”  
— -MEH Hudson, NY
“...Ashley is an educator. She doesn’t tell you what to do, she helps you learn what you have to do to regain control. This is the key to the consistent, long term weight loss. I could stop eating pizza for the rest of my life, or decline dinner invitations from my friends, but that will not make me happy, nor will it keep me healthy. Yet, deprivation is the format many weight loss plans tell you to follow. 

After Ashley’s guidance, I am in control. Get out of the fog, regain control of your life.”
— -Meaghan B., Glenmont, NY
“Brainy Betties is a lifestyle program for women who want to finally find and love their true authentic selves. There is no other program out there that brings worth and peace to one’s whole being. It’s so freeing.”
— -Lynne P.

Read All Testimonials Here:



Women in Business Award

Spring of 2017 I was awarded Women in Business Honoree by Greene County Chamber of Commerce for Brainy Betties' video series:

How Cultural Shame Manifests in Women


How Brainy Betties Gets You to Fit AND Happy!

In order to be fit AND happy we need to have the right science, but ALSO have our minds right around ourselves.


With all of my experience and study,

I wanted to create something that will

help you escape your food, body, and exercise prison

in the most efficient way possible...


Not only save you time, but unnecessary pain and heartache as well. 


So, finally!!!!! 

What's this thing I have spent years creating???!!!

What's this thing I'm ALWAYS improving to get you to fit AND happy in the most efficient way possible???!!!

What'S THIS THING THAT'S going to help you escape your food, body, and exercise prison???!!

What's Actually going to get you to fit and happY???!!.............





The F.A.B. Life

Brainy Betties' own educational program to get you to fit AND happy!


The F.A.B Life gets you to fit AND happy by helping you become:





Create a FIT body that has the ability to fully live


Discover the self-love to be happy in your own skin and live as who you really are (living as your AUTHENTIC self)


Create the BALANCE in your life to truly enjoy living and being fit long-term.


***Before you get into reading the specifics of The F.A.B. Life, understand you only need to learn what's applicable to you...this is just a list of offered benefits. 


How FIT gets you to fit AND happy!

FIT gives you freedom, efficiency, and clarity with food and exercise.

FIT does this by...




...vs wasting half your life counting everything you put in your mouth (i.e. carbs, points, calories, macros etc...) or needing to abide by an “approved” foods list



  • Learn how to mindfully eat...how to listen to your body and what it needs, and how to be more aware during the eating process to minimize excess food consumption


  • Learn basic food science...to mindfully eat effectively, you want to know how to certain foods and combinations breakdown in your body (i.e. what foods/combinations lead to satiety vs. cravings and hunger.)


Helping you Create efficient and sustainable fat loss

*If this is your goal

…vs losing and re-gaining fat for the rest of your life



By giving you big picture understanding of how fat loss ACTUALLY works...


It’s NOT just about a caloric deficit, it’s about balanced hormones too!


By teaching you how to create efficient and sustainable fat loss (for your unique body without counting anything!)...


  • Learning how different foods affect your body...to keep you in a deficit more naturally

  • Becoming in-tune with the natural feed back of your body...to know when you’re in an appropriate and balanced caloric deficit

  • Learning how to program exercise to lose fat more efficiently and make keeping it off sooo much easier


Teaching You How to Work Around Hormonal Situations Making it Harder to Lose Fat:

  • Menopause/Post-Menopause

  • Over-exercising or exercise program design that isn't conducive to fat loss

  • Years of dieting...learn why this has slowed your metabolism and how you can reverse it!



...vs having your food control your life



By Helping You Create a Healthy Mindset around Food

Overcome Your Food Perfectionism

Thinking you need to be “perfect” with your food choices to get the results you want is EXACTLY what’s causing you to lose control over your food…because it leads to ‘all or nothing’ eating.

Ever start eating healthy and because you “gave in" to a cookie, you’re now: 

  • “Bad” and "fall off the wagon?"

  • Might as well eat a bunch of cookies because you already "gave in?"

  • And now you “need” to start over on Monday?

But, do you find Monday never comes, or you just spend your life starting over on Monday?

Healing your food perfectionism will put YOU in control...Mondays will be irrelevant and you will be able to say "buh bye" to your wagon. 


By Teaching you How overeating works

Overcoming overeating isn't about more willpower

It's learning and overcoming the mental and biological triggers that are making you overeat



...vs terrible torture 



By Creating a Healthier Mindset Around Exercise...

Learn how to Overcome Your Perfectionism with Exercise

As with food, perfectionism with exercise is the biggest cause of failure…because it leads to ‘all or nothing.’

Thinking you ALWAYS have to do your whole workout (or that it doesn’t “count”) OR if you miss a workout you “fell off the wagon” creates a relationship based on willpower.

Willpower is exhaustible.

So, the ‘all or nothing’ either ends up being nothing or turns exercise into punishment…


Learn How to Stop Using Exercise as Punishment

Using exercise as punishment:

  • Exercising when your body is saying “No!”.. not listening to your body and honoring it when it needs a break is not nourishment, it’s punishment. This leads to quitting or a lifetime of exercise being a stressful/negative experience.


  • For eating something unhealthy…creates a torturous relationship with exercise (and perpetuates the never-ending “I have to work that food off” mindset”)


  • Thinking your workouts need to suck to be effective... thinking you need to annihilate yourself during your workouts is not only scientifically incorrect, but also adds un-needed stress…mentally and biologically


Learn How to Change Your Mindset from Exercise is Punishment to Nourishment

Exercise should be making your life better (physically, mentally, and spiritually.) Not adding ANOTHER thing to stress or feel judged about.


By Having Efficient Program Design

***See Optimal Efficiency and Results with Exercise

When you work out in an efficient way (one based in science) that feels good AND you start seeing how well that works, you prove to yourself that the negative mindsets you have around exercise are unnecessary and are standing in the way of your success.



...vs just doing a workout that burns a bunch of calories...but, lacks long-term efficiency and wastes your precious energy


By Teaching You How to Create a More Efficient Body That WORKS FOR YOU…


To be efficient in the long-term, you want your exercise structured so you’re creating a more efficient body that works for you even when you’re sitting on the couch…aka optimizing your hormones/metabolism.

Your long-term focus should be creating a more efficient body, not burning as many calories as possible.






How AUTHENTIC gets you to fit AND happy!

AUTHENTIC gives you freedom and peace in your body and self (As you are right now!!! No physical change required!)

AUTHENTIC does this by...



...vs having constant thoughts of your body taking away from your life



By Helping you Develop a HealthY Body Image


***Brainy Betties' body image education references work of Lindsey and Lexie Kite (twin sisters with their PHDs in Media and Body Image) from the non-profit Beauty Redefined...


“Having positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good; it’s knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks.

It isn’t thinking you are beautiful; it’s knowing you are more than beautiful.

It’s understanding that your body is an instrument for your use, not an ornament to be admired.”

-Lindsey Kite Phd, Beauty Redefined



Re-program what you think you know…

Body image (how you feel about your body) is all programming. We weren’t born hating our bodies and thinking we’re less than worthy, this has been learned... 


You (currently) feel terrible about your body because

you've been programmed to think 2 Things:


  • 1. Your worth as a woman is determined by how closely aligned you are with the cultural beauty “ideal.” That you ARE YOUR body…That you're here to be a decoration first, person second.


  • 2. If you don't fall within the narrow (and most times fake) cultural beauty "ideal" you don't have the right to feel beautiful...an "ideal" that 99% of the time no normal woman could achieve.







Women being taught to have their worth on their bodies


Having a narrow cultural beauty “ideal”

Has been created by the media so the majority of women become dissatisfied with their appearance…and buy the products being sold to “fix” themselves.

You hating your body/appearance is a multibillion dollar business.

But, believe it or not, you can break free from this programming/body prison. Here’s how…



4 Ways authentic Helps You Create a HealthY Body Image



Helps You Change Your Degrading Self-Talk/Thoughts


Our self-talk is what shapes our WHOLE life. It’s what allows us to live the life we want, or continue staying stuck in our prison.

AUTHENTIC will help you:

  • Realize what deeper (untrue) messages you're living out

  • Notice how these subconscious thoughts are affecting your everyday life

  • Commit to practicing new thoughts based in reality



Teaches You How to Work Your Way Through Shameful Moments


Examples of shame:

  • Stepping on the scale and it putting you in a bad/sad mood for the rest of the day

  • Looking in the mirror or at a picture of yourself and zooming in on what you hate

  • Someone saying: “You said you’re trying to be healthier, should you be eating that?”

  • Someone saying “I thought you’ve been working out, it doesn’t look like it!”


Why Learning How to Work Your Way Through Shameful Moments is sooooo Important

As we’re building ourselves up (creating a healthier body image), shame will tear us down and potentially make us quit...if we don’t know how to properly deal with it.

This effect is something that we need to minimize to continue making progress.


Helps You expand your view of Beauty and Health  

So you can see it in yourself


There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful (this is a personal choice.)

The problem is having our worth attached to our feelings of beauty AND thinking beauty can only fall under the narrow (and usually fake) "ideals" set by the media. 

These narrow "ideals" can be astronomically expanded on …we just have to learn how.



helps you take Your Worth Off of Your Body/Re-discover Your Worth


Feeling great in your body isn’t just about developing a better body image.

It’s about completely taking your worth as a human off of your body/appearance and putting it where it should be.


***See Feel Confident in Yourself (coming soon)


***more AUTHENTIC details to come



How BALANCED gets you to fit AND happy!

BALANCED brings harmony and efficiency to other areas of your life that affect your ability to be fit AND happy in the real world.

BALANCED does this by...


***balanced Details to come





I’ve created and continuously improve the F.A.B. Life curriculum. It’s based on my knowledge, background, and resources from ONLY world-renowned experts in psychology, neuroscience, social work, biochemistry, body image, nutrition etc.)


Why Brainy Betties is the Obvious Choice

How Brainy Betties is different from other fitness programs

Emotional Freedom + Physical Freedom

Not only does Brainy Betties get you to fit AND happy, but was created so you stay there! 


Unlike most fitness programs (that only address the straight forward exercise and food pieces to fitness), Brainy Betties Makes sure you:


  • Address the emotional aspects of your food, exercise, body, or self...the things that are ACTUALLY driving your behaviors

  • Have all the tools (knowledge) to continue your journey without my help...unlike most where you pay for a session or a class and are then left in the dark on how to replicate it on your own. 

  • Have learned how to develop intrinsic motivation...so you don't have to keep relying on an outside source for motivation



The end goal is for you to be:

Fit AND happy for the rest of your life…ON YOUR OWN

Mindset and science white.png


Brainy Betties is a long-term practice that takes time and commitment.

Learning how to live your fittest and happiest life is not easy. But, WELL worth it.

Are you ready to put the time in and take charge of your life?