Why Your Workout Isn't Working...And What You Can Do About It


You're soooo sick of hearing:

“This is the greatest workout! It’s so intense it’s just going to melt the fat off your body!”


“We have the secret! The secret to your fitness problems!”

….Or some GARBAGE like that.

Only to leave you burned out with lackluster results.


Results you could never maintain while living a normal life.


-You Have to Murder Yourself to Get Great Results

-You Have to Be Burned Out All the Time to be Fit

-You look at yourself in the mirror after your workout and are just like “What the hell does it take to get the results I want? I just can’t give anymore!”

This isn’t really the life you want to live…is it?

You might be about ready to give up….

But, don’t quite yet….not at least until after you read this….


Hi! I’m Ashley Schoborg owner of Brainy Betties in Coxsackie. I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there.

And I know that it’s beyond frustrating… no words to describe it really.


That is until I learned a better way…

I used to workout for hours a day…run marathons, do super intense workouts until I couldn’t walk the next day…blah blah blah

Again, only for lack luster results.

This is the thing (which I had to learn the hard way as well) INTENSITY does not equal QUALITY.

Especially with women and their hormonal complexities.

This Was Part of Me Getting My Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology

I just really wanted to understand how all of this works. I knew there was A LOT to know about the human body and that there MUST be a better way.

Turns out, college was just the beginning.

I got my master’s degree in 2008.

And ever since, I have been studying how exercise affects women’s bodies.

Here it is in a nut shell…

Women’s Physiology is Different!!!

Some women can get away with just doing any old workout and get DECENT results…

But many can’t.

And I’m assuming you’re one of them.

This is because of how exercise affects women’s hormones.

Women (on average) are more sensitive to stress than men…And exercise is a stress.

This means we want just the right AMOUNT, and the right TYPE to maximize our hormones without pissing them off.

When we upset our hormones, we end up with any combination of the following:

  • Overeating (which if fat loss is your goal, your workout can’t be making you ravenous and causing you to eat more calories than you’re burning off.)
  • Increased Fat Storage
  • Decreased Fat Burning
  • Decreased Muscle Building

This is Especially True After menopause!!!

You might be one of those women who could get away with doing just any workout (and eat almost whatever you wanted) and get great results.

And then bam! After menopause, not so much.

Again, this is because it’s a HORMONAL CHANGE!

After menopause, you have to be very deliberate about your exercise program design to make sure you’re not upsetting your hormones, and get them working FOR YOU.

To learn more about fat loss after Menopause, read blog: Why You Gained Inches After Menopause And What You Can Do About It.

This is One of the MANY Reasons I Created Brainy Betties

Brainy Betties is the Mindset and SCIENCE of fitness, food, and life.

Our minds control everything we do, and exercise is a SCIENCE.

It’s not something that we can just do willy nilly and expect great results.

And this is ESPECIALLY true for women…

$15 to Better RESULTS

If you are truly SICK of not maximizing your workouts (or having them work against you) come and see me at Brainy Betties in Coxsackie for a $15 sample session.

This session is around an hour and a half long.

And for $15 this is a steal!!!! I won’t be offering this forever, so take advantage of it while you can.

This session is part discussion (to see where you’ve been, where you are now, where you want to go, and how I can help you get there) and part sample workout.

You Have Nothing to Lose

These sample sessions are completely risk free….no strings attached.

I want you to feel comfortable and allow you to see that Brainy Betties is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

That includes not pushing you into buying anything.

I want you to know that I care and want to help you whether you end up joining us or not.

So, with that being said, at a bare minimum you will leave with more knowledge (and better program design!) to better your life and your health.



Email me at BrainyBetties@gmail.com to set up your sample session.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you optimize your workouts, health, and life.


Be Fit AND Happy!

~Ashley Schoborg

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