How Self-Care Makes You Feel Better About Your Body

Hate your body?

Well, care for it.

And I don’t necessarily mean something that’s going to change it, I mean just care for it for the sake of caring for it.

Showing love in any kind of relationship nurtures the connection between you and the other.

It’s like having your significant other buy you flowers for no reason-other than that they love you.

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually showing your body love (even if you don’t feel like it!) will help you create a better relationship with your body.

Needs to be Done on A Regular Basis

And this is something that has be done on some kind of regular basis for you to continue feeling the effects. You wouldn’t expect your significant other to buy you flowers once and then never show you love in any other way ever again.

Would you?

This is why self-care is a practice. For you to be your best self, it’s something that needs to be done and practiced regularly.

*Especially since we live in a society that many times makes women feel poorly about their bodies and themselves. It’s our JOB to counteract these messages by actively caring for ourselves.

A Combination of the Three

Doing a combination of the 3 (physical, emotional, and spiritual care) would be the best. Because guess what?! You are body, mind, and spirit. They all work together and feed off of each other to make you a balanced and well-rounded being.

And it’s hard for your mind and your soul to be balanced when you continuously show so much hate towards your body.

Look at it this way:

Say you have a family of three children.

You want all three children to love each other and live in harmony (as much as realistically possible :)

But, you actively love one of them, ignore another one, and then are regularly mean to the other one. How harmonious do you think their lives are going to be amongst each other?

It’s the same thing with your being (body, mind, and soul.) Many times in our modern society, women will have some kind of spiritual connection, ignore their mental health, and actively hate on their body…and then wonder why they’re not happy.

Well, the imbalance and lack of overall self-care is why.

***And because we may have our worthiness in the wrong place. You can read about that in the blog: Why Telling Yourself You Love Your Body Isn't Working...And What Will

The Point

If you start actively showing your body love (just for the sake of respecting it!), this will not only help you feel better about your body, but it will be a start to bringing you back into overall balance.

An Example of Caring for All Three

Say you took a bath. And during that bath you meditated and said some nice things to yourself. These nice things don't have to be appearance related. They can be, but definitely don't have to be. 

This would be a combination of physical care (the bath), emotional care (the nice thoughts), and spiritual care (the meditation.)

And you’re doing this for no other reason than just showing yourself some love.

We Don’t ALWAYS Need to Be Changing Something

Just the act of caring for yourself with no pressure to try and change is powerful in itself.

Give it a try.

Be Fit AND Happy,


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