Why Loving Yourself Doesn't Make You Lazy-It Makes You Awesome


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Are you afraid that loving and accepting yourself will make you lazy?

Are you afraid this will cause your fitness level to go backwards?

Well, actually it has the opposite effect. It makes you care more, for the right reasons, and in a much healthier way.

It makes your life fuller and less stressful.

What does loving yourself mean?

Taking Your Worth Off Superficial Things

It partially means, taking your self-worth off superficial (surface) things. Surface things that don’t matter in the grand scheme/purpose of your life. Like appearance.

Being obsessed with these surface things distracts you from living your life to the absolute fullest.

There’s a Difference Between Caring About Your Appearance and Being Obsessed with It

This doesn’t mean that you won’t care about your appearance-our culture will still have an influence on you. It just means that when your WORTH isn’t on your appearance, YOU can actually make the CHOICE as to what really matters to YOU. What YOU actually like or how YOU want to live.

Not making subconscious decisions based on how you’ve been programmed to think by our culture.


Focus On Why You’re Here

The other part of loving yourself is seeing your worth as a unique human being and what you bring to the world. Seeing that you’re worthy because you have a job to do here. A job that no one else can do quite like you.

Obsessing over surface things distracts you from living from this ultimate place.

Our culture imposes a lot of ideas of what we “should” be. But, they’re all distractions in the big scheme of your life.

How Does This Change Your Relationship With Exercise?

You Come from a Healthier Place

When you love yourself for YOU, and take your worth off of your body, you will want to TAKE CARE of yourself. Exercise will become an act of self-care, not punishment for not being “good enough.”

And since it’s changed to self-care, it’s much more enjoyable.

You Are Now Able to Do Exercise that You Like

You may also at this point have the courage to try different forms of exercise that you actually like (if you don’t like your current exercise and it feels like torture.)

And this doesn’t mean getting lazy with exercise, there’s a difference between a good workout where you pushed hard and felt great, and one where you annihilated yourself because you’re trying to hate yourself into change.

How Does It Change Your Relationship with Your Food?

Takes Away Your Fear with Food

When your self-worth is on your body, this can create a torturous relationship with food. Since food choice can influence the look of your body, your food choices indirectly affect your self-worth.

When you take your self-worth off your body, you are able to develop a better relationship with food. It will no longer control you because your choices don’t affect your worth as a human being.

The fear diminishes. And you’re now able to look at food objectively. Food becomes what it actually is-just food.

Go back and think of yourself as a you did as a child-before the world started making you think weren't good enough. 

Go back and think of yourself as a you did as a child-before the world started making you think weren't good enough. 


How does this change your life as a whole?

I can’t get into all the life reasons in this little tiny post. But, loving yourself and changing how you show up in your own life changes absolutely everything. When you finally love yourself, you are no longer scared to be who you are and do what you need to do with your life.

Everyone is here for a reason. And women having their worth in all the wrong places distracts them from doing what they’re supposed to do here and who they’re supposed to help in their life.

Escape Your Prison of Unworthiness

I say this all the time, but having your worthiness on your body (or anywhere else that it’s not supposed to be) is like living in a prison in your own head. And if you’re going through this, you know exactly what I mean.

Free yourself from this bullshit and live your fullest life.

Do what you’re meant to do here.

Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,




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