The Motivation Myth


If you’re waiting for the motivation fairy to come and bless you with the motivation to reach your goals, you’ll never reach them.

Living the fit life doesn’t come from some never-ending amount of motivation.

Fit people live normal lives just like everyone else. What’s different is what they’re making a priority, and how they approach that priority when they don’t feel like doing it.

Which I can assure you, happens often.

The Way Most People Think About Motivation is Flawed.

Motivation is not about always “feeling” like doing something.

It’s more about understanding what’s important to you, making that thing a priority, and being honest with yourself and your abilities in that given moment.

There are MANY days that I don’t want to lift.

I like to lift, but I don’t love it. (*You need to make sure you at least like what you're doing, if you hate it, you will never develop the right motivation around it) But, I LOVE walking outside in the nice weather-so that’s easy.

But, when I’m supposed to lift and I really don’t want to, I think back to why it’s important to me and I have a conversation with myself.

I say “Ashley, why don’t you want to do this today? Are you tired? Is there some other priority trying to makes its way in?

And then I get honest with myself. I say, “What can you do today?”

I don’t get attached to any outcomes, I just meet myself where I’m at and do what I can do. If it’s only a half workout, then I will either do another whole workout the next day or a half workout the next day.

Being honest with yourself and where you’re at (and honoring this) is what gives you slack when you need it (to continue being able to do this long-term) and kicking yourself in the ass when you need that.

Workout Perfectionism

This is where many people get hung up. They get into perfectionism mode with their workouts (if you can’t do the whole thing you don’t do anything.) And sure, this would be great if you lived in a bubble, but you live in the real world and you have to learn how to manage your life (energy levels, priorities, schedules) to be successful long-term.

Thinking in black and white will screw you over long-term. Life is not black and white. So, your workouts can be either.


Outside Accountability (Motivation) vs. Intrinsic Motivation

Another thing to understand, when you first start your health journey it’s totally fine to have outside accountability. Actually, better than fine, you probably want this to start. There’s a lot for you to learn how to manage in the beginning and this takes practice. It’s always great to have a coach.

But, understand that you’re not going to the Olympics here, you’re taking care of YOUR OWN health. You’re not training for a competition. There’s no destination. This is a never-ending journey.

You need to decide whether you want to rely on outside accountability for the rest of your life, or if you want to develop your own intrinsic motivation (which is what we talked about above.)

There’s nothing wrong with either choice, but needing to rely on someone outside of yourself for the rest of your life, makes this commitment harder to do long-term.

Life changes. People move away. Relationships change. Learning how to develop the tools inside of yourself to be able to do this on your own, obviously increases your chances of long-term success.

Because the only person you need to rely on is YOU.

You CAN Do This

You CAN get to the place where you can do this on your own. You just need to be given the right tools to be able to do it.

And you have to want it.

Ask yourself, “How do I want to live my life? Do I want to be a badass at taking care of my own health?”

If the answer is yes, then you’ve got this.

You just need to find the right coach to help you develop and nurture that desire inside of you.

What Makes a Great Coach?

A great coach helps you stand on your own two feet. They’re focused on teaching you and making sure that you understand how to apply what they’re teaching.

If they’re great at what they do, their end goal should be for you to NOT NEED them. If you want to stay with them, it’s because you love them and because you’re CHOOSING to stay.

Not because you need to.

A great coach gives you everything you need to (eventually) stand on your own two feet.

So, There You Have It

It’s not the motivation fairy you should be looking for (or even looking for someone to constantly provide outside motivation.)

You should be looking for someone who can help you get real with yourself and help you become the most badass, self-reliant version of YOU.

Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,



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