I'm Not Teaching My Daughter to 'Work off' Her Ice Cream


Tonight my 3 and ½ yr old daughter and I had ice cream sundaes, then we exercised.

We didn’t exercise because we had ice cream. I just decided I wanted ice cream first and of course she was down for that. So, we had our ice cream and then we worked out (of course her workout only consisted of some wiggling and squiggling :) 

But, there was no talk about “Oh, mommy is so bad for eating ice cream, she needs to go work it off.” We enjoyed our ice cream and our workouts as separate parts of our life. 

There will never be any talk in this house about needing to punish ourselves with exercise for what we ate. Nor will there ever be any foods that we are “bad” for eating. She will understand that there are foods that are appropriate to live on and others that are treats that we will have more sparingly. 

When we attach our quality of person to our food choices or get in the habit of connecting our food with our exercise, this becomes a viscous cycle of negativity. 

Unless, of course if we’re talking about eating to fuel our workouts-than that’s a different story. I don't normally plan to have a lot of sugar before my workouts, but it did make the workout better! I put that sugar to good use :)

So, this is what I will be teaching my daughter and one of the many positive messages I try to spread with Brainy Betties.

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