5 Best Brainy Blogs 2017!


Blogging is one of my favorite things I do for Brainy Betties!

It not only helps you to improve your life, but it helps you understand what we do here and what we're all about. 

My top 5 favorite blogs of 2017 are a combination of:

  • 1. Helping you feel better in your body (as it currently is)

  • 2. Helping you lose fat after menopause (if this is something you want to do)

  • 3. Teaching you how to stop letting your food control you

  • 4. Helping you understand why your mindset about yourself is your driver to fit AND happy

  • 5. And why I CHOOSE to eat Doritos in bed. 

Click on the titles below.


Be Fit AND Happy!


1. Why Telling Yourself You Love Your Body Isn't Working....And What Will



Want to FINALLY be fit AND happy this new year?

Are you ready to try a new, healthier, and long-lasting approach to fitness? 


Why Telling Yourself You Love Your Body Isn’t Working…and What Will