Why Brainy Betties was Created: Post #2 Mindset Around Exercise


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Have you ever heard anyone say:

“More exercise is always better!”


“If I don’t annihilate myself, or make sure I hurt to the point I can barely walk tomorrow, I didn’t have a good workout”


“I can’t do my whole workout so I might as well not do anything at all.”


“It doesn’t matter that you’re sick, show up and push through! Be beastmode!”

All of this is just downright stupid and I will tell you why….

Because EVERY SINGLE ONE of these is what causes people to eventually fail.

I know you’re saying, “Wait, what? I thought this was what I needed to do to be successful?”

Well, here’s the truth:

The mainstream fitness media is came up with these mindsets because they want to:

1. Make Money (as their main priority)

2. Make it look like their products/program “work” by giving people short-term gains.

These terrible mindsets work WONDERFULLY in the short-term, but they kill you in the long-term.

You NEED these mindsets to have drastic short-term results.

And this is what these companies want. They want you to have these drastic short-term results because it not only “proves” that their programs “work”, but it’s also giving you want you want.

The problem is, it isn’t giving you what you NEED.

And it’s making your chance of being successful for the long-term even harder.

People fail with these mindsets because they are relying on willpower and eventually become exhausted

This line of becoming exhausted is different for everyone. For some people it’s a month. For others it’s a year, 5 years, or even ten years!

But, when the person eventually gives up (because they’re human), they feel like it’s their fault.

And of course this is what the company wants.

They want people to think it was their fault. That they just didn’t try hard enough, or weren’t beastmode enough or whatever the eff else. Not that it’s their (the company’s) fault.

So, then it’s on you.

When really, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

These poor mindsets around exercise is the 2nd reason that Brainy Betties has been created.

Being efficient with exercise and having the right mindsets around it is so important because it ensures that it CAN become a lifelong habit.

Like I said in Why Brainy Betties was Created post #1 Mindset Around Food, there are many AMAZING people in this industry working against these mindsets along with me.

But, we need more.

We need more companies making the public understand why these mindsets are so damaging.

Since your mind controls everything that you do, your mindset around anything you are doing is the most important piece to the puzzle.

If your mind isn’t happy, if what you’re doing doesn’t feel like it’s the ‘new you’, it’s not going to last.

Again, hence the name Brainy Betties-mindset it THAT important.

Want to hear the “best” part to this story?

Not only do these mindsets negatively affect your exercise, but (since everything in our brain is connected) it also affects other areas of your health as well.

It’s a domino effect.

How it Potentially Affects Your Food

The mainstream fitness and diet media has also contributed to people having their food and their exercise psychologically linked.

And this looks like:

“Well, I didn’t workout today, so I might as well just “cheat” on my food and get back on track tomorrow.”

How many times have we said we’re just going to start over tomorrow? Only for tomorrow to either never come,


When it does, we repeat this same cycle AGAIN?

This is why these mindsets don’t work in the real world-they lead to perfectionism aka ‘The All or Nothing’ mindset.

You can read about how our food also can affect our exercise in the first post of this series: Why Brainy Betties was Created Post #1 Mindset Around Food.

How it Potentially Affects Your Self-Image

Every time we fail with food or fitness (or anything), it makes us see OURSELVES as a failure.

This makes it harder for our brain to see us as successful in the future.

Every time we fail, it makes it harder and harder to be successful.

Not in reality, but just as our brain views it (unless we do something about it.)

Again, hence why getting our brain and our mindsets in the right place is of the utmost importance.

How it Potentially Affects Your Whole Life

Continuing to fail will eventually make most people give up completely.

Potentially going through an entire life with less physical activity and less happiness than they could have.

And of course less than they deserve.

These mindsets make fitness feel like a constant uphill battle. But, it doesn’t have to

Fitness is for everyone. You just have to tweak the process to make it fit YOU as an individual.

Not try to fit YOUSELF to some mass-produced process.

So How Do You Change These Mindsets?

Get Out of The ‘All or Nothing’ Mindset

Understand that perfection doesn’t exist well in real life and it’s the enemy of long-term success.

It will eventually exhaust you.

Get Accurate Exercise Science Advice So You Can Be Efficient

It’s not about annihilating yourself or being in pain. It’s about making your body stronger and more fit.

Anyone off the street could send you through a workout of pain.

But, only one that understands how the body actually works, can turn you into your most optimal self-and help you do it for the rest of your life.

Understand More is NOT Always Better

Understand your rest periods are just as important as your workouts themselves. Our bodies don’t actually change when we are strength training. They change when we are resting.

We just signal a change to happen during our workout.

So, when we are working out too much and not doing proper program design, we are taking ourselves further away from where we want to be.

More is not always better. Annihilating yourself is not better. Better program design is better!

Program design that’s based around SOLID science. Not a fad that SOUNDS like science.

How You Can Find Programs/People You Trust

If you ever hear anyone or any company say, “I’ve got the secret” or “This is the greatest thing ever” or “This is the only way to do it”, that’s your cue to run.

There is no secret. There’s just solid science that PROFESSIONALS will use in different ways.

Anyone that really knows what they’re doing isn’t going to try and scam you into being their customer or client by throwing pseudoscience at you.

Or science in any respect that you’re not going to understand.

They’re going to want what’s best for you. And what’s best for you is them educating you in a way that you can understand, so you can make a sound, solid decision FOR YOURSELF.

Just understand that for long-term success, you need the right marriage of science and mindset.

Science to be efficient, mindset to make it yours, and both to make it last.

And whoever you choose to help you do this, is up to you.

Be Fit AND Happy!


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