Why Brainy Betties was Created: Post #3 Mindset of Self


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Most people who purchase personal training are women.


Do women have more money than men?


Do they care more about their health?


Are they more motivated?


But why?

Women are More Motivated to Change the Way They Look Because This is What They’ve Been Taught to Put Their Value On

Many times when a woman purchases personal training she thinks, “This is the answer to my happiness. I will now have a “great” body and I will be happy.”

The problem is, traditional personal training does’t deal with the underlying driver of a women’s unhappiness (where she has her worth.) And many times, just focusing on fitness and ignoring this worthiness fact, makes this situation worse.

I’m not saying that becoming fitter doesn’t make a women happier, because of course it can.

It’s just a slippery and incomplete slope.

Incomplete because it’s not enough to achieve the level of happiness that women think they’re going to get.

And slippery because a lot of times it can make the problem worse.

When worthiness isn’t being addressed, and we’re now focusing even more on outward appearances, it can continue to drive and deepen the obsession of appearance. The obsession of trying to be “good enough.” Aka worthy.

Unless a woman takes her self-worth off her appearance, she will never be truly happy

She might be happier than she was before she got fit, but it’s not a deep level of happiness and joy of life.

It’s still a mindset of trying to be “good enough.” Now it’s just trying to stay “good enough” or trying to be even “better.”

This unhealthy relationship with a woman and her body/self is what drives unhealthy relationships with her food, exercise, and life.

How This affects a Woman’s Relationship with Her Food, Exercise, and Life

How a woman feels about her body is usually a direct reflection of how she feels about herself.

Our culture has taught her that her worthiness IS her body.

Food and Exercise

THIS is what makes women do crazy diets and exercise fads.

THIS is the driver behind developing unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. Because food and exercise directly affect the way a woman’s body looks.

Our culture just takes advantage of these problems with selling women quick fix “solutions.”

“Solutions” that further enhance these problems.

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The way our culture talks to women (where a woman has decided to put her worthiness) also affects the way she lives her everyday life.

Is she putting EVERYONE else’s needs before her own because the is what she’s been told she’s supposed to do?


Does she try SOOOO hard to be “perfect” in everything that she does? Because this is what our culture told her she needs to do be a “worthy” woman?

Both of these are exhausting.

And neither lead to a healthy and fulfilled life.

***I will be talking about these life mindsets more in the next post of this series:

Why We Were Created: Mindset Around Life

I Know All This Because I Have Lived It

And have watched many other women live it as well.

I’ve been fit for a long time. But, not Fit AND Happy for a long time.

I’ve actually been leaner than I am right now and was way more unhappy. I was stuck in the body obsession rabbit hole. Enough was never enough.

And it was never going to be enough until I changed my mindset.

It has not been all that long that I have been fit and truly happy-around 5 years. And I’ve been into fitness for the last 15.

This level of happiness never came until I liberated myself from having my value on my appearance

This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my appearance.

It just means I’m not obsessed with it.

And it’s not by any means where I derive my value from my myself or my life.

You might look at me and say, “Well that’s easy for you to say, you’re fit. It’s easy for you to just liberate yourself.”

Ha! I can assure you it’s the exact opposite. I’m held to an even higher “standard” being in personal training.

I just choose to create my own standards and live by my own rules.

And I teach other women how to do the same.

THIS is the true heart of Brainy Betties

This component right here is what sets women free and gives them that level of happiness they are actually after.

To be Fit AND Happy, the inner work needs to be done. It’s not just an exercise and food thing-it’s a mindset of self-thing.

This is the whole AUTHENTIC piece of our educational program (we have FIT, AUTHENTIC, and BALANCED-Living the F.A.B. life)

AUTHENTIC is all about this deeper happiness piece. It helps women feel great in their own skin (regardless of their level of fitness at the time) and put their worth where it’s supposed to be.

It allows them to live their life as who they truly are-not constantly trying to live up to some imaginary standard.

This piece right here is why I’m excited to get up at 5am every Friday morning. I LOVE seeing women make their way through these inner changes-and how they change ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in that woman’s life.

This is why I do what I do.  

Be Fit AND Happy!


Click here if you would like to learn how you can be Fit AND Happy!


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