Why Half Naked Fitness Selfies Do You a Disservice-and How You Can Create Your Own Motivation


Do you look for pictures of fit people to give you motivation?

Do you think comparing yourself to those people will give you the drive to get healthy?

Well, this video is an oldie but a goodie.

It talks about why I don’t share half naked photos of myself with you-because it would do you a disservice.

Like I say in the video, you need to see that I practice what I preach and that I set a good example for what fit AND happy looks like, but beyond that, the fitness of my body doesn’t matter when it comes to you and your long-term fitness AND happiness.

I don’t want you looking at my body and comparing yourself to me in any way (and this includes getting short-lived motivation.) I want you to understand that you becoming fit AND happy comes from inside YOU.

And it starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

How you feel about yourself/how you treat yourself is your driver to fit and happy.

It’s what determines whether your relationship with food and exercise is a positive long-lasting one, or not.

Wishing you looked like someone else or trying to use this as your motivation will make becoming fit AND happy pretty hard.


Can those two things even exist in the same sentence?!

Yes, they can.

And this is where I help you get to at Brainy Betties.

Fit AND happy feels like…


Freedom from obsessing about food, obsessing about exercise, and obsessing about your body.

It’s a state of caring for yourself and your body that is surrounded in self-care (love for yourself.) Not one of hate and trying to constantly hate yourself into change (in this case…wishing you were someone else.)

It’s having the fitness level you want while also loving the life you’re living.

Becoming fit AND happy elevates your life in ways you never knew were possible.

Not only will you live in a non-obsessed (happy) state, but you live in a state of love for yourself.

This love and active care for yourself is what takes your life to the next level.

Your next level of living.

Be fit AND happy!


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