How Our Culture Makes You Despise Exercise

If you want to change your body's appearance, that’s your business. But it doesn’t need to be pushed down your throat. 

How Our Culture Makes Exercise and Healthy Eating Feel Terrible

Our culture's constant push for appearance change makes you feel like you need to “fix” yourself. It doesn’t come from a place of health. It makes you feel like there's something wrong with you.

This creates a poor relationship with your exercise and your food.

You look at healthy eating and exercise as a negative because it’s something you feel like you HAVE to do vs. something you GET to do.


Why It’s Bad

This negative relationship with exercise and food doesn’t set you up for lasting change or positive emotional health.

Eventually you get sick of drudging, give up and feel like a failure. Or you go down the body obsession rabbit hole (and that becomes your new source of motivation to get through the drudgery.) Not a fun place to be.

What It Can be and Should Be

When you ONLY think about exercise to banish your fat, you aren’t allowing yourself to enjoy it because you’re attaching it to something bad-“All this fat I have to lose!!!”

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can exercise and eat for fat loss (if that’s your goal) without hating yourself or the process. Just A simple change in your thoughts can significantly increase your chances of long-term success, happiness, and health.

You CAN feel like you are creating a better life vs “fixing this horrible, lacking person.”

How to Do It

Think Bigger Picture

You want to focus on ALL the benefits exercise and healthy eating offers.

In a nutshell, it’s about being able to attack life with everything you have, and absorbing every ounce of pleasure life has to offer-versus just making your way through it. You CAN’T experience everything life has to offer if you aren’t physically healthy.

This view creates a much bigger and healthier picture for you to live in.

Take Advantage of Immediate Gratification

Lets be real, sometimes the long-term benefits of attacking and absorbing life, or even fat loss, are not enough to get you to exercise or eat healthy when you REALLY don’t want to. (And sometimes you won’t and this is okay!)

But, you want to try. And sometimes all you need is some immediate gratification. You want to think about how good you will feel if you actually do it.

And no, this is not a bunch of BS.

Not only will you physically feel better, you will also feel better about yourself because you accomplished something-no matter how small.

Not feeling like crap CAN be a powerful motivator.

Re-Evaluate Where You Are Placing Your Self-Worth

These feelings of wanting to “fix yourself” are so all-encompassing because women in our culture are taught to put their self-worth on their appearance and how their bodies look.

Don’t get me wrong, appearances are important, but when you are placing your self-worth on it, this is where things get ugly. PLEASE re-evaluate where you are placing your self-worth.

To learn more about re-directing your self-worth read: Why “The Love Your Body Movement” is Wrong.

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