Behind A Woman Apologizing for Her Existence


Earlier today, I was standing behind an 80-year old woman in the grocery store checkout. 

As she loaded her groceries onto the belt she apologized to me. 

I asked her, “For what?” But, she didn’t hear me so I let it go. She then proceeded to tell me in a half joking tone, “I was hungry today, so I guess I should’ve stayed home.” At this point, she confirmed my suspicions. 


She felt she had to apologize for “holding me up”-that she wasn’t even worthy enough to hold up space in a grocery store line. She then further confirmed this thought by apologizing to the bagger for having to bag her groceries. 

This woman is a product of our culture.

A culture that likes to keep women small. She’s been “taught” that if she stays small she will be more liked. If she’s physically smaller, mentally smaller, and even verbally smaller, than she will be more worthy.

This mindset finds her apologizing for EVERYTHING because she feels she’s constantly messing up.

As women in our culture, we are always saying “I’m sorry.” We are apologizing for things that there’s absolutely no need to apologize for. This behavior comes from a lack of worthiness. A lack of worthiness that we’ve been taught by our culture. 

We are all born knowing our worth, but we live in a culture that makes us change our minds. 

It’s this same culture and mindset of ‘being less’ that makes us want to diet, exercise until our brains fall out, and let the scale dictate our daily mood- if we let it. 

It’s ALSO this same culture and mindset that controls our whole entire life and our happiness.


Today, after this woman left, my first thought was “Wow! What is this world missing because this woman didn’t have enough confidence in herself to give her gift?” 

This woman is going to die with her gift inside her. 

Don’t be like her. Learn from her. How are you staying small in your life? How are you letting our culture define you and determine your happiness? And ultimately, how is this affecting your ability to give your gift?

Apologize if you have wronged someone. DO NOT apologize for your existence. 

Be Fit AND Happy!


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