How 'The Fear of Missing Out' Makes You Overeat



Feel like you need to eat all the christmas cookies because you never get the chance to have them? 


Do you feel guilty about eating them and need to eat all of them to get rid of them?

This is called the Fear of Missing Out or FOMO

The Fear of Missing Out comes from a food feeling scarce. This can be from special occasions, special trips (where we think we’ll never have that food again) and from labeling foods good or bad.

How Labeling Food Good or Bad Gives Us FOMO

When you think what you’re eating is bad, you feel like you shouldn’t be eating it.

When you’re eating a food that you think you “shouldn’t” be eating, you feel like a bad person. This creates a feeling of scarcity because you’re going to limit this food as much as you can (or at least try, until it backfires and you find yourself eating that food again.)

To avoid feeling like a bad person any longer than you have to, once you start eating the food, you’re going to eat it all so you can get that bad feeling over with. 

And god help the person who takes a bite of the treat you allotted for yourself. You may find yourself thinking (or actually saying), “This is my treat. All of it. I can never have it, so you can’t have any!”

Sound familiar?

Food doesn’t have to be this stressful. And you CAN overcome your FOMO around special occasions, special trips, and how you label your food.

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