For the love of god, get in the picture!


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Do you dislike being in pictures?

Do you dislike having your “flaws” permanently displayed in a picture?

But, do you also feel that knot in the pit in your stomach when you step out? Like it’s telling you you’re jumping out of something important?

Why It Hurts

you’re jumping out of your own life

It’s a brief second, but there’s a lot of these brief seconds in your life, right? These are seconds you’re missing out on with those you love.

This is why it feels like you’re escaping one kind of pain, but gaining another.

You're Reinforcing Your Negative Body Image and Hurting Loved Ones

Not only does stepping out of the picture reinforce your negative relationship with your body and yourself (because behaviors reinforce thoughts), but it also makes other’s miss out as well.

The people who love you WANT to see you in pictures. They WANT you to be with them and share in these special moments.

They WANT to be able to look back at those moments and see you with them.

Why You Feel This Way

Your Self-Worth is On Your Body

You want to step out of pictures because our culture has taught you to put your self-worth on your body. You have accepted your worth as a person is either partially or wholly determined by how your body looks.

You have been taught that you ARE your body.

You have accepted this as your truth.

But!!! This is only your current truth because you are CHOOSING it to be.

Because the ACTUAL truth is our culture’s expectations are made up, and you are way more than your body.

And you have a choice…


How to Start Rocking Some Photos!

If you want to be in pictures confidently with your loved ones, you need to practice staying in the picture, start viewing yourself as a whole person, and figure out where your value actually is. 

Stay in the Picture

Even though staying in the picture will be hard at first, you want to help reinforce the action you want to take, and be comfortable with in the future.

The more you do this, and work on the things below, the easier it will become. 

View Yourself As a Whole Person

Your body is your vehicle. It’s not who you are as a whole being.

As a whole being, you’re made up of your body, mind, and soul. We start experiencing pain when we forget the other two and put all our worth on our body.

Start figuring out what unique viewpoints you bring to the world-your mind’s value.

What lights you up inside so greatly that you can’t ignore it? How are you here to help the world? This is your soul’s value.

How can you use your body as a vehicle to do these things? This is where your body’s value ACTUALLY is.


Stop Letting the Media In

The media is one ginormous distraction from you living your fullest life.

You already have all of this worth in you, but you're being distracted from it by a powerful outside source.

If you want to take your worth off of your body, you need to stop listening to the media tell you that you are your body.

If you keep letting these messages in, it’s going to be very hard to heal.

YOU are in charge of what you let into your mind.  

Embrace the Practice

The process of viewing yourself as a whole person is a practice.

This deep healing and searching is not easy. But, if you keep practicing, it’s something that you will get better at and will make you feel better in time. 


If You Can’t Do it For Yourself right now, Do it For Those You Love

When you die, your loved ones aren’t going to say, “Wow, Mom’s fat roll is hanging over her pants an extra inch more than normal.”


They’re going to say, “Wow, look at mom! It’s great to see her! She always knew how to make me laugh.

I miss her.”

Live Your Fullest Life

You have such a full life to live. Don’t let yours pass you by, by living less than your most stellar life.

In the words of Drake, “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.”

Make the choice to live.

Because you’re worth it. And so is everyone else your life touches.


Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,

~Ashley Schoborg


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If Fat Loss is Your Goal, It Will Need to Evolve


*Video summary. Ful blog written below.


Fat loss as an initial goal is fine. But, it’s not going to carry you through your life and help you create a lifetime of healthy habits.

It CAN be what starts this process. But, to ever get to life-long happy change, your mindset around exercise has to change.

You Can Thank Our Culture

Our culture has damaged your relationship with movement. Instead of viewing it as something that makes you feel good, and something you GET to do, you view it as more of a chore.

Something you HAVE to do.

This is because the media has taught you that you need to be “fixed.” You “need” to look a certain way to be worthy. This negative mindset has turned exercise from a blessing, into a chore.

It’s made it negative.

And actually, you EXPECT it to suck…otherwise it’s worthless right? 

You can thank the media for that lie too.

Doing Exercise You Hate

This mindset has you buying into exercise programs that don’t feel good to you. But, because you are sooo desperate to lose weight, and will do whatever it takes, you do them anyways-further damaging your love for exercise.


Mindset Shift

This is the thing, for fat loss to ever be permanent and enjoyable, you have to learn to love the process and yourself. Eventually, you have to make the transition from “I need to be fixed” to “I want to optimize my health, my life, and my existence.”

But, this shift will never happen if you’re doing movement you hate. Which means, you should do something you like (or know you could learn to like) from the beginning.

There are soooo many different options out there! Get into nature, get with friends, get into sports, try different classes, or use different equipment. Get creative and find what YOU love!

If you hate what you’re doing, you will never fall in love with it.

Fat Loss Doesn’t Even NEED to Be the Goal!

Hell! How about this revolutionary idea!! Instead of coming from a place of NEEDING to lose fat, how about coming from a place of health and creating your best self?

This may have NOTHING to do with fat loss!!!

Don’t get caught up in the idea that you HAVE to have fat loss as a goal. You ABSOLUTELY do not. The mainstream media will tell you otherwise, but this is why you are in this situation to start with.


You Have Choices

You have the choice to come from a positive place-one that feeds your soul (or at least you can be working towards this.) Or a negative place-one that traps you in a constant state of drudgery.


You have the choice to find a style of movement that feels wonderful to you and enhances your experience in life. OR you can choose to continue doing things you hate and hoping for a different outcome.

Please listen to what makes YOU feel good.

Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,

Ashley Schoborg


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If you think this could help someone you know, please share!!!