Fitness Doesn't Live in a Bubble


I’m not really in the mood to write a normal article today.

I am in a place of relaxation and self-care due to current life events that are zapping my energy.

But, these are the perfect ebbs and flows of life that we NEED to learn how to be okay with to be able to be fit long-term.

Long-term fitness isn’t about #noexcuses or feeling like- if you listen to your body it makes you weak and will cause you to fail. These mindsets are the exact things causing you to fail in the long-run.

Long-term fitness isn’t about white knuckling your way through life and having to rely on willpower to get through. The more you have to rely on willpower the less chance you have of being successful long-term.

When you feel like you need to rest, then rest! This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you smart!

It means you’re managing your energy levels to be more efficient when you get back to it.

You NEED to learn how to manage your energy and the ebbs and flows of life to be successful long-term. Yes, you want a structured fitness and food plan (or at least an understanding of how YOU do things and what works for YOU), but you need to know how to deviate from the plan successfully when life calls for it.

Because if you can’t, and you think long-term fitness means sticking to a plan perfectly, you are in for a life of ‘I’m Starting Over on Monday.’

Real life doesn’t care about your “perfect” plan.

Fitness doesn’t live in a “perfect bubble.”

Give yourself some slack when you need it. And kick yourself in the ass when you need that.

But, most importantly, be honest with yourself and where you’re at in any given point in time.

If you’re honest with yourself, and honor the feedback you’re getting, you will know what you need to do.

All Part of Being Fit And Happy

As you know, being fit AND happy feels like freedom.

Freedom from obsessing about your body, food, and exercise.

Being fit AND Happy is driven by self-love, but also efficiency.

Efficiency in the process.

Molding the process to YOU. Not you trying to mold yourself to the process. 

When it's molded to you, it's much easier to adjust to the ebbs and flows of REAL life. 

Which is necessary if you want long-term success and to be fit AND happy.

Be Fit AND Happy!


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Want to Be fit? Stop Obsessing Over the Scale

The Scale Is Missing the Big Picture

Obsessing over the scale when you’re trying to be become fit, is like obsessing over a grill fire when there is a forest fire coming towards your house.

It’s just not where you want your main focus to be if you want to be successful. Yes, if your grill was on fire, you would want to put it out, but not at the expense of saving your house.

The scale is the same way. Yes, in the long run you want weight loss, but you don’t want short-term, short-sighted “wins” sacrificing your long-term (more important) results.

Meaning, when people want to get fit, they put soooo much of their focus on the scale that the habits that are going to get them to where they want to be, take a back seat.

Or COMPLETELY skew their view of the process and how it actually works.

The Scale is Just a Measure of Progress (and usually a poor one at that.)

When you’re trying to become fit, you want to be creating a metabolically efficient body that’s going to WORK FOR YOU over the long-term. Making this whole fat loss and fat maintenance thing (once you get to where you want to be) sooo much easier.

This is why focusing on the scale is so short-sighted. It doesn’t tell you the difference between water, muscle or fat.

And if you’re thinking “Well, I don’t care about that I just want weight loss.” Well, this is why you will ALWAYS have a hard time being successful. Because you’re ignoring the piece of the puzzle that will actually make you more efficient and make success waay easier in the future.

It’s called muscle.

Not only does muscle burn more calories than fat, it also changes the hormonal profile in your body to be better able to use fat for fuel.

THIS is why you only want to be using the scale as a very LIGHT form of feedback. Only every so often. Because if you’re strength training (which you should be if you want to be as efficient as possible) you will be gaining weight in muscle.

And if your food is where it needs to be, the fat should be going down also. But, guess what! The scale won’t tell you this. Because if you gained muscle, but lost the same amount of fat in pounds, the scale will tell you that you haven’t changed.

And this right here causes a lot of women to give up.

This is why getting married to your habits (not the scale!) and using other forms of progress tracking like measurements or how your clothes fit (and the scale once in a while) are much better. Because not only will these paint a more accurate picture of what’s actually happening to your body, it won’t screw with your mind in the process.

The mind f*ck the scale gives most women is enough of a reason to stay away from it as far as I’m concerned.

If you are the type of woman who has been weighing yourself every day of her life and your mood is tied to what that scale says, you shouldn’t be using it as a form of progress tracking.

So, there you have it.

Your focus should be on your habits:

  • Strength training

  • Improving your relationship with food

  • Increasing your knowledge about what foods and in what combinations work best for YOUR body

  • Managing your stress

  • Etc.

All of these habits are creating a more efficient body and life for long-term success.

Save your house. Forget the grill.

Be Fit AND Happy!


The Secret to Lifelong Fitness


  • Are you sick of starting and exercise program only to find yourself quitting a week, a month, or even a couple years later?
  • Are you sick of putting in WAY too much effort for a lackluster return in results?
  • Are you sick of trying everything under the sun and not understanding why it doesn't work for you?

There IS a reason you keep finding yourself here. 

Do you want to know what it is?

Do you want to know this "secret" to lifelong fitness?

Drumroll please.....

It is..........

Being the Right Amount of Lazy

Yes, you heard me right!

Most people’s problems when they start their fitness journey is LITERALLY trying too damn hard.


Not knowing what you’re doing to make yourself as efficient as possible.

You try so hard that you get burnt out.

The Misconception

You think more is better when it comes to exercise. WRONG.

More is not better. Higher quality is better.  

Understanding WHAT you’re doing and WHY you’re doing it is better.

When you’re just willy nilly cutting carbs, killing yourself doing cardio or conditioning circuits, cutting your calories WAY too low or any other silly way to “get fit” you significantly decrease your chances of long-term success.


Because you’re not being efficient


Because no normal human being can do that for the long-term. It requires you to live on willpower.


And repeat after me….

“Efficiency is the Key to Long-Term Success.”

Aka being the RIGHT amount of lazy.

Being the right amount of lazy (and of course being knowledgeable) allows you to get the results you want with…

The Minimum Effective Dose


The minimum effective dose is understanding WHAT you’re doing and HOW it’s affecting your body so you can do the minimum amount of work required to get the results that you want.

This is what allows you to get there without pulling your hair out.

This amount of “ease” is what allows you get to where you want to go, and STAY there.

Doing more than you have to doesn’t lead to life-long fitness…There isn’t any reward offered to the overachievers of fitness (other than usually burnout and throwing in the towel.)

It’s not about more…it’s about BETTER


This Requires LEARNING

This is the thing… Most people want this to be mentally easy.

They don’t want to think.

They just want someone to tell them what to do or just take a pill and have it magically happen. Even if they have to PHYSICALLY kill themselves doing it!

But, it just doesn’t work like this. Hence why the amount of effort you put in, doesn’t NECESSARILY equal the reward you want.

To be efficient, you have to LEARN about yourself and what works for you.


And this is where everyone gets hung up….

There is no secret formula that works for everyone! Hence, why everyone keeps going around in circles (losing weight and gaining it back, starting a fitness program and quitting etc.)

If you DO find this secret formula though, please let me know! Because I want to hear about it!

But, until then, your best bet would be to find a coach that is solid in science and understands how to help you HELP YOURSELF find the best path FOR YOU.

Of course there are guidelines that we go by (what we currently “know” in science), but beyond that, it’s about making it YOURS.

Learning How to Make it Yours



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I am a masters degreed exercise physiologist and personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in the field.

I Got Sick of the Fitness Garbage

I, like you, got sick of sleezy infomercials and other fake promises to fitness. I wanted to learn the truth, and have a deep understanding of the body to help people truly better their lives…in the best way for them.

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This session is part discussion (figuring out where you’ve been, where you are now, and how Brainy Betties can help you get to where you want to go) and part sample workout.

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No Risk

And no worries, even if you decide Brainy Betties isn’t a good fit for you, you will still leave with a lot of knowledge to better your life.

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I look forward to meeting you!

Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,


The Motivation Myth


If you’re waiting for the motivation fairy to come and bless you with the motivation to reach your goals, you’ll never reach them.

Living the fit life doesn’t come from some never-ending amount of motivation.

Fit people live normal lives just like everyone else. What’s different is what they’re making a priority, and how they approach that priority when they don’t feel like doing it.

Which I can assure you, happens often.

The Way Most People Think About Motivation is Flawed.

Motivation is not about always “feeling” like doing something.

It’s more about understanding what’s important to you, making that thing a priority, and being honest with yourself and your abilities in that given moment.

There are MANY days that I don’t want to lift.

I like to lift, but I don’t love it. (*You need to make sure you at least like what you're doing, if you hate it, you will never develop the right motivation around it) But, I LOVE walking outside in the nice weather-so that’s easy.

But, when I’m supposed to lift and I really don’t want to, I think back to why it’s important to me and I have a conversation with myself.

I say “Ashley, why don’t you want to do this today? Are you tired? Is there some other priority trying to makes its way in?

And then I get honest with myself. I say, “What can you do today?”

I don’t get attached to any outcomes, I just meet myself where I’m at and do what I can do. If it’s only a half workout, then I will either do another whole workout the next day or a half workout the next day.

Being honest with yourself and where you’re at (and honoring this) is what gives you slack when you need it (to continue being able to do this long-term) and kicking yourself in the ass when you need that.

Workout Perfectionism

This is where many people get hung up. They get into perfectionism mode with their workouts (if you can’t do the whole thing you don’t do anything.) And sure, this would be great if you lived in a bubble, but you live in the real world and you have to learn how to manage your life (energy levels, priorities, schedules) to be successful long-term.

Thinking in black and white will screw you over long-term. Life is not black and white. So, your workouts can be either.


Outside Accountability (Motivation) vs. Intrinsic Motivation

Another thing to understand, when you first start your health journey it’s totally fine to have outside accountability. Actually, better than fine, you probably want this to start. There’s a lot for you to learn how to manage in the beginning and this takes practice. It’s always great to have a coach.

But, understand that you’re not going to the Olympics here, you’re taking care of YOUR OWN health. You’re not training for a competition. There’s no destination. This is a never-ending journey.

You need to decide whether you want to rely on outside accountability for the rest of your life, or if you want to develop your own intrinsic motivation (which is what we talked about above.)

There’s nothing wrong with either choice, but needing to rely on someone outside of yourself for the rest of your life, makes this commitment harder to do long-term.

Life changes. People move away. Relationships change. Learning how to develop the tools inside of yourself to be able to do this on your own, obviously increases your chances of long-term success.

Because the only person you need to rely on is YOU.

You CAN Do This

You CAN get to the place where you can do this on your own. You just need to be given the right tools to be able to do it.

And you have to want it.

Ask yourself, “How do I want to live my life? Do I want to be a badass at taking care of my own health?”

If the answer is yes, then you’ve got this.

You just need to find the right coach to help you develop and nurture that desire inside of you.

What Makes a Great Coach?

A great coach helps you stand on your own two feet. They’re focused on teaching you and making sure that you understand how to apply what they’re teaching.

If they’re great at what they do, their end goal should be for you to NOT NEED them. If you want to stay with them, it’s because you love them and because you’re CHOOSING to stay.

Not because you need to.

A great coach gives you everything you need to (eventually) stand on your own two feet.

So, There You Have It

It’s not the motivation fairy you should be looking for (or even looking for someone to constantly provide outside motivation.)

You should be looking for someone who can help you get real with yourself and help you become the most badass, self-reliant version of YOU.

Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,



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If Fat Loss is Your Goal, It Will Need to Evolve


*Video summary. Ful blog written below.


Fat loss as an initial goal is fine. But, it’s not going to carry you through your life and help you create a lifetime of healthy habits.

It CAN be what starts this process. But, to ever get to life-long happy change, your mindset around exercise has to change.

You Can Thank Our Culture

Our culture has damaged your relationship with movement. Instead of viewing it as something that makes you feel good, and something you GET to do, you view it as more of a chore.

Something you HAVE to do.

This is because the media has taught you that you need to be “fixed.” You “need” to look a certain way to be worthy. This negative mindset has turned exercise from a blessing, into a chore.

It’s made it negative.

And actually, you EXPECT it to suck…otherwise it’s worthless right? 

You can thank the media for that lie too.

Doing Exercise You Hate

This mindset has you buying into exercise programs that don’t feel good to you. But, because you are sooo desperate to lose weight, and will do whatever it takes, you do them anyways-further damaging your love for exercise.


Mindset Shift

This is the thing, for fat loss to ever be permanent and enjoyable, you have to learn to love the process and yourself. Eventually, you have to make the transition from “I need to be fixed” to “I want to optimize my health, my life, and my existence.”

But, this shift will never happen if you’re doing movement you hate. Which means, you should do something you like (or know you could learn to like) from the beginning.

There are soooo many different options out there! Get into nature, get with friends, get into sports, try different classes, or use different equipment. Get creative and find what YOU love!

If you hate what you’re doing, you will never fall in love with it.

Fat Loss Doesn’t Even NEED to Be the Goal!

Hell! How about this revolutionary idea!! Instead of coming from a place of NEEDING to lose fat, how about coming from a place of health and creating your best self?

This may have NOTHING to do with fat loss!!!

Don’t get caught up in the idea that you HAVE to have fat loss as a goal. You ABSOLUTELY do not. The mainstream media will tell you otherwise, but this is why you are in this situation to start with.


You Have Choices

You have the choice to come from a positive place-one that feeds your soul (or at least you can be working towards this.) Or a negative place-one that traps you in a constant state of drudgery.


You have the choice to find a style of movement that feels wonderful to you and enhances your experience in life. OR you can choose to continue doing things you hate and hoping for a different outcome.

Please listen to what makes YOU feel good.

Think Fresh and Live Your Fittest and Fullest Life,

Ashley Schoborg


Thanks for reading!

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Why Half Naked Fitness Selfies Do You a Disservice-and How You Can Create Your Own Motivation


Do you look for pictures of fit people to give you motivation?

Do you think comparing yourself to those people will give you the drive to get healthy?

Well, this video is an oldie but a goodie.

It talks about why I don’t share half naked photos of myself with you-because it would do you a disservice.

Like I say in the video, you need to see that I practice what I preach and that I set a good example for what fit AND happy looks like, but beyond that, the fitness of my body doesn’t matter when it comes to you and your long-term fitness AND happiness.

I don’t want you looking at my body and comparing yourself to me in any way (and this includes getting short-lived motivation.) I want you to understand that you becoming fit AND happy comes from inside YOU.

And it starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

How you feel about yourself/how you treat yourself is your driver to fit and happy.

It’s what determines whether your relationship with food and exercise is a positive long-lasting one, or not.

Wishing you looked like someone else or trying to use this as your motivation will make becoming fit AND happy pretty hard.


Can those two things even exist in the same sentence?!

Yes, they can.

And this is where I help you get to at Brainy Betties.

Fit AND happy feels like…


Freedom from obsessing about food, obsessing about exercise, and obsessing about your body.

It’s a state of caring for yourself and your body that is surrounded in self-care (love for yourself.) Not one of hate and trying to constantly hate yourself into change (in this case…wishing you were someone else.)

It’s having the fitness level you want while also loving the life you’re living.

Becoming fit AND happy elevates your life in ways you never knew were possible.

Not only will you live in a non-obsessed (happy) state, but you live in a state of love for yourself.

This love and active care for yourself is what takes your life to the next level.

Your next level of living.

Be fit AND happy!


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Why New Year's Resolutions Fail and How to Finally Be Successful!

How 'All or Nothing' Workouts Lead to Failure

How Our Culture Makes You Despise Exercise

If you want to change your body's appearance, that’s your business. But it doesn’t need to be pushed down your throat. 

How Our Culture Makes Exercise and Healthy Eating Feel Terrible

Our culture's constant push for appearance change makes you feel like you need to “fix” yourself. It doesn’t come from a place of health. It makes you feel like there's something wrong with you.

This creates a poor relationship with your exercise and your food.

You look at healthy eating and exercise as a negative because it’s something you feel like you HAVE to do vs. something you GET to do.


Why It’s Bad

This negative relationship with exercise and food doesn’t set you up for lasting change or positive emotional health.

Eventually you get sick of drudging, give up and feel like a failure. Or you go down the body obsession rabbit hole (and that becomes your new source of motivation to get through the drudgery.) Not a fun place to be.

What It Can be and Should Be

When you ONLY think about exercise to banish your fat, you aren’t allowing yourself to enjoy it because you’re attaching it to something bad-“All this fat I have to lose!!!”

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can exercise and eat for fat loss (if that’s your goal) without hating yourself or the process. Just A simple change in your thoughts can significantly increase your chances of long-term success, happiness, and health.

You CAN feel like you are creating a better life vs “fixing this horrible, lacking person.”

How to Do It

Think Bigger Picture

You want to focus on ALL the benefits exercise and healthy eating offers.

In a nutshell, it’s about being able to attack life with everything you have, and absorbing every ounce of pleasure life has to offer-versus just making your way through it. You CAN’T experience everything life has to offer if you aren’t physically healthy.

This view creates a much bigger and healthier picture for you to live in.

Take Advantage of Immediate Gratification

Lets be real, sometimes the long-term benefits of attacking and absorbing life, or even fat loss, are not enough to get you to exercise or eat healthy when you REALLY don’t want to. (And sometimes you won’t and this is okay!)

But, you want to try. And sometimes all you need is some immediate gratification. You want to think about how good you will feel if you actually do it.

And no, this is not a bunch of BS.

Not only will you physically feel better, you will also feel better about yourself because you accomplished something-no matter how small.

Not feeling like crap CAN be a powerful motivator.

Re-Evaluate Where You Are Placing Your Self-Worth

These feelings of wanting to “fix yourself” are so all-encompassing because women in our culture are taught to put their self-worth on their appearance and how their bodies look.

Don’t get me wrong, appearances are important, but when you are placing your self-worth on it, this is where things get ugly. PLEASE re-evaluate where you are placing your self-worth.

To learn more about re-directing your self-worth read: Why “The Love Your Body Movement” is Wrong.

Brainy Betties helps you love your body, make fitness a positive experience, and teach you how to make it fit into your unique life. If you would like to learn more about Brainy Betties, schedule your $15 sample session today!

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