Yes, I Have Eaten An Entire Pizza


No this wasn’t recently.

And yes it was a Freschetta-I think it was this 4 cheese combo to be exact.

This epic night was about 15 years ago at my friend Carrie’s house.

A night so epic that we both remember it to this day….(I have been telling her for a while I am going to write a blog about it, and here we are!)

We were two teenage girls who decided on a Friday night we wanted pizza.

Pretty normal right?

And like a person with a normal relationship with food, Carrie had 1 or two pieces…

Then stupidly…I ate the rest.

This night wasn’t only epic because I ate an entire pizza, but because I was then rolling around her living room carpet in pain for the rest of the night.


You might ask yourself why would I do that???!!

Why would I eat so much that I was in that much pain???

Why didn’t I just stop when I was full???


I Had Food Shame

Being full had absolutely nothing to do with it.

When I talk about mindset around food, this is exactly what I’m talking about…

This is an extreme example of what can happen when we start labeling foods good and bad. We lose control around the food.

We think we’re in control because we’re telling ourselves “I’m just going to eat this pizza now, because well, I’m already bad, I already starting eating it, so I might as well just keep going…and well, since I’m never going to do this again, I will just eat the whole thing. I might as well just finish it off.”

Since I was labeling pizza a bad food, I was bad when I ate it.

This shame is what causes things to spiral out of control. And as we know, even though we’re telling ourselves, “This is never going to happen again”…


It always does because it’s this exact mindset that causes this behavior to repeat itself.

The thing we think will get us out of this mess, is the same exact mindset causing us to repeat it….over…and…over…and over.

Until we break the cycle.

I now have a very healthy relationship with food. I can very easily have one piece of pizza (or some amount that is reasonable considering my hunger) and stop.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how freeing this is.

I used to feel like I was in a food prison…That night it was a pizza prison.

How I Did It

I Stopped Labeling Foods Good and Bad

Some foods are more nutritious than others and those are the ones we should be living on.

But, just because we have a less nutritious food here and there doesn’t mean it’s going to break our health or cause us to gain weight or whatever nonsense you have been preached by the diet culture.

I Learned Food Physiology

Certain foods and food combinations affect our brain differently. This means certain foods and combinations have a different effect on our hunger and cravings when we’re eating the food AND even hours after we eat it!

This is why, when a person is trying to lose body fat, it’s not just about calories! You need to understand how the food is affecting your body hormonally to easily be successful long-term.

I Practiced

You don’t get knowledge one day and then wake up a different person the next. It takes practice. It takes trial and error. And it takes compassion (you will “mess up”, be easy on yourself and just learn from it.) And most importantly, it takes time.

You’re changing yourself from the inside out. That’s deep. So, give yourself a break.

I Figured Out It was More Than Just Food-and Fixed That Problem Too

I also learned, in my wise old age, that my negative relationship with my body was what was driving this negative relationship with food (and exercise too-which I will write about some other time.)

Since food directly affects the look of one’s body, when we hate our bodies, we will naturally have some type of negative mindset around food. The degree to which, is person dependent.

Hating our bodies doesn’t just effect our relationship with our bodies-it effects EVERYTHING in our life.

This is one of the MANY reasons I started Brainy Betties-to help women develop a healthier relationship with their food AND their bodies.

If we just keep putting Band-Aids on our problems (diets, quick fix exercise programs etc.) not only do the problems come back, but they come back stronger than ever.

You want to get to the root of your problems so you can be Fit AND Happy.

And I PROMISE you, you can. You just need the right tools.

Be Fit AND Happy!


If you want more help on becoming Fit AND Happy, click here.

I Eat Doritos in Bed


I felt your gasp and shaming eye as you read that title.

I know you’re thinking:

“You’re in a health field, you can’t do that!”

“Doritos aren’t healthy, you’re setting a bad example for your clients.”

“You must not really care about your health, everyone knows you can’t eat Doritos and be healthy…let alone in bed…ugh!”

Well, guess what? None of those are true.

-If I lived on Doritos, yes I would be unhealthy.

-If I never got out of bed, yes I would probably be unhealthy.

-If I ate Doritos ONLY in bed, there might be something to say for this.

-AND if I acted like I was a robot who never ate minimally nutritious foods, I would be doing my clients a disservice. I am a real person and I teach women how to be healthy while navigating REAL life and being a REAL person.

Why You Feel the Need to Shame Me

The reason you feel the need to shame me is because of how you’ve been programed to view food.

Our society is very black and white with food-this causes food shaming. People getting all ‘hoity toity’ and ‘better than thou’ about their food choices.

You aren’t a better person than anyone else because of what you choose to nourish your body with. And another person isn’t better than you.

Everyone just needs to get over themselves and realize this is causing serious problems-which we will get to in a minute.

And remember, if someone is food shaming you, it’s because they have their own hang-ups around food.

The Reality

I Am Well Aware of What I’m Doing and I Am CHOOSING to Do it Because it’s Adding Enjoyment to My Life

Guess what? I love Doritos! Not all of them…just the Sweet Spicy Chili. I don’t ever eat the other ones because they aren’t as good to me. If I’m going to indulge in something, it’s going to be something I really like.

*Side note

My 3 Favorite Indulgences are:

1. Sweet Spicy Chili Doritos

2. Apple Cider Donuts-Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie (I don’t want to hear how great anyone else’s are until you’ve tried these. They are like cinnamon and sugar clouds in your mouth. Do your life a favor and get some, they are there all year long!)

3.  Bang Bang Shrimp-Bonefish Grill (and yes, I am still devastated that the one on Wolf Road closed! Ugh!)

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, back to the blog…

I am very well aware of what I am doing when I’m eating them…I’m enjoying them and CHOOSING to eat them because they make me happy.

Eating them in bed just makes the enjoyment that much better.

This Doesn’t Mean I Wasn’t Healthy the Rest of the Day or that This is Me ‘Throwing in the Towel’ in Any Way.

Just because I ate Doritos in bed doesn’t mean I didn’t live on vegetables, protein, and more nutritious foods the rest of the day, that I didn’t strength train or walk that day. I did all of those things. I just wanted some damn Doritos!

And there’s nothing wrong with this…

Stop letting people food shame you or act like you have to be so black and white with your eating.

Food is on a Continuum

Meaning some foods are more nutritious than others. So, you might want to live on certain foods and not on others. But, it doesn’t mean that any food can’t be enjoyed at a certain time. And be enjoyed any way you want it.

If eating a Snickers in the hot tub is up your alley, then do that! Again, I just wouldn’t do it every day.

This mindset of labeling things ‘good and bad’ is what gets us into trouble and creates disordered eating patterns long-term. It creates a mindset of perfectionism. And since perfectionism doesn’t exist well in real life, this causes a lot of people to throw in the towel.

Perfectionism is What’s Screwing You Over (or at least making you miserable)

So, isn’t that ironic?

The thing you thought was ‘throwing in the towel’ is actually an act that’s preventing you from doing so in the long-run.

Just something to ponder.

Okay! Well, I am off to workout now- since I can eat Doritos and workout in the same day.

…And so can you.

Be Fit AND Happy!


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