5 Best Brainy Blogs 2017!


Blogging is one of my favorite things I do for Brainy Betties!

It not only helps you to improve your life, but it helps you understand what we do here and what we're all about. 

My top 5 favorite blogs of 2017 are a combination of:

  • 1. Helping you feel better in your body (as it currently is)

  • 2. Helping you lose fat after menopause (if this is something you want to do)

  • 3. Teaching you how to stop letting your food control you

  • 4. Helping you understand why your mindset about yourself is your driver to fit AND happy

  • 5. And why I CHOOSE to eat Doritos in bed. 

Click on the titles below.


Be Fit AND Happy!


1. Why Telling Yourself You Love Your Body Isn't Working....And What Will



Want to FINALLY be fit AND happy this new year?

Are you ready to try a new, healthier, and long-lasting approach to fitness? 


Why Telling Yourself You Love Your Body Isn’t Working…and What Will


Have you tried telling yourself you love your body?

Are you wondering why it’s not working?

It’s not working because loving your body isn’t your problem.

Your problem is…..

Your self-worth is on your body.

Before you click away, hear me out for a second….

First of all, there is no judgement when I say you have your worth on your body-because this is what you’ve been taught to do.

You’ve been taught, that unless you look like the very narrow (and often digitally created AKA fake) American beauty standard, you aren’t good enough….you aren’t worthy.

And trust me, I know because I have been there! Boy, have I been there. I have went to the ends of the earth trying to “love” my body, “fix” my body, or whatever you want to call it.

But, really, I just wanted to be happy.

I wanted to be able to live in my body every day and love myself and my life.

And I am finally here. But, I guarantee you, I didn’t get here from telling myself I love my body.

In a very over simplified nutshell, I got here from realizing…

I AM NOT my body and I AM NOT an ornament for other people to look at.

My worthiness and what I bring to the world has nothing to do with my appearance.

***This doesn’t mean I don’t care about my appearance, or that I don’t take pride in my appearance. It just means I know that I AM NOT my appearance.

And that if I decide to make an appearance change, I know it’s because I WANT TO DO IT…not because our culture is telling me that it’s something I NEED to do to be worthy.

My worthiness and my appearance are no longer linked.

Telling Yourself You Love Body Isn’t Bad

Unless it becomes a distraction from you dealing with the actual issue….where you have your worthiness-which is usually what happens.


If its making you think that you have to actively love your body to be happy.

Because you don’t.

You just have to respect it and stop hating on the parts you’ve been taught to think are “flaws.”

I know this might sound crazy, but you can have stretch marks, saggy skin, and more fat than what our culture considers “ideal” and still be happy.

The trick is to stop attaching negative emotion to those things.

Stop attaching emotion to them at all.

The two of you can co-exist in peace if you just acknowledge they’re there, don’t negatively react to them, and move on with your day.

In the same sense that you can work in an office with someone you don’t like and not hate your life.

Because she is not you, you are not her, and you have control in how you react to a situation.

Remember, you ARE NOT your stretch marks, saggy skin, or fat. And they are not you. 

They might be along for your ride, but they ARE NOT WHO YOU ARE. And they only become negative when you feed them with negative emotion.  

this doesn’t mean that you can’t desire to change certain things about your body.

If you CAN change them and are willing to do the necessary work, then fine.

****But, understand, you don’t want this coming from a place of hate or unworthiness. Because you can’t hate yourself into happiness and loving yourself.

Been there, done that. Doesn’t work. Save yourself the misery.

But, if it’s something you can’t change, there’s a lot of power in learning to accept what is, and love yourself as a whole being regardless.

***Loving yourself as a whole being is something you want to do anyways even if you do want to make a change.

Taking Your Worthiness Off of Your Body Is a Big Part of Becoming Fit AND Happy

To experience the freedom of being fit AND happy, you have to stop obsessing over your body.

And to do this, you have to take your worthiness off of it.

Teaching women how to take their self-worth off their bodies might be my most favorite thing I do at Brainy Betties. Since I have experienced this first hand (and very extremely might I add), I understand how much of an impact this has on a woman’s WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.  

***This is the MAIN reason I created Brainy Betties and why I named it what I did. Because the way you feel about yourself (your MINDSET around yourself) is what drives your actions with your food, exercise and life.

You can read more about that in the blog series: Why We Were Created

Taking your self-worth off of your body is a combination of:

  • Learning how to deal with cultural shame

  • Learning who your authentic self really is (where your worthiness should be)

  • Learning how to develop a better body image as a whole.

Doing these things sets the stage for your dream life.

Wherever being fit AND happy might bring you.

What Does Being Fit AND Happy Feel Like?


Freedom from obsessing about your body, food, and exercise.

It’s a state of caring for yourself and your body that is surrounded in self-love. Not constantly trying to hate yourself into change.

It’s having the fitness level you want while actually loving the life you’re living (Because it’s driven by self-love AND science.)

This combination of self-love and science takes your life to the next level.

A level of life you might not know exists, but it’s patiently waiting for you to live it.  

Be fit AND Happy!


Do You Want to Take Your Worthiness Off Your Body So You Can Be Fit AND Happy?


Why More Willpower and Diets Aren’t the Answer to Your ‘All or Nothing’ Eating...and What Is


Your dieting mindset is what’s causing your ‘All or Nothing’ eating in the first place.

I know you’re thinking,

“Wait what???!!! That can’t possibly be right!”

“If only had someone that could slap the food out of my hand I would be successful!”

“If I could just have more willpower to resist the delicious food, I would be successful!”

But, it’s actually this mindset of restriction that’s screwing you over.

And in a minute, I will tell you why.

But, first I want to tell you a story… (If you don’t want to read it, and just want to understand why you have this, and how to overcome it, skip to the bottom.)

My Past ‘All or Nothing’ Relationship with Food

I used to be an ‘all or nothing’ eater too.

There was noooo way I could have just a little bit of ice cream, chocolate, cookies, you name it.

Everyone’s story is different, but I got to this place because I used to over-exercise.

Since I hated my body so much (and myself because I saw myself AS my body) this caused me to abuse exercise.

This over-exercising made me overeat. I couldn’t control what I was putting in my mouth after I worked out because my body NEEDED the calories.

Every time I did this, I would shame myself. I would say “Oh you are so bad for eating all that.”  

And since I knew I wanted to lose weight, I carried these words over to anytime I ate something “bad.”

It’s these words right here that cause us to lose control with food. We think that by saying “You’re so bad”it’s going to make us avoid that food in the future.

When in reality it just makes us want it more.

I now have a healthy and happy relationship with food. And this is what I want for you too.

Why Your Mindset of Restriction is Causing Your ‘All or Nothing’ Eating

The dieting mindset is one of restriction.

This is just what diets are about and what they teach people to do. So, it’s not your fault that you ended up in this place. But, you’re here nonetheless.

This mindset of restriction begins with labeling certain foods “good” and others “bad.”

This labeling of “good” and “bad” is what gets you into trouble. And this is how …

When you’re having a food that you’ve labeled as “bad,” you’re telling yourself you’re bad for eating it.

I understand, you’re saying this to try and avoid eating more of this food, or eating it again in the future. But, guess what?

By saying this, you’re doing the exact opposite.

For 2 reasons:

Reason 1

When your brain hears, “I’m bad”, it doesn’t say “Oh I’m never going to do that again.” It says, “Well, if I’m bad, and this is just who I am, I’m not going to change this behavior.”

So, the very thing that you’re saying to yourself to avoid your ‘All or Nothing’ eating, is what’s setting you up to do it again in the future.

Reason 2

When you’re eating something and you’re telling yourself you should never have it again, this creates fear of missing out (FOMO.)

Meaning, these thoughts are creating a fear of not being able to have this food in the future. And this fear is what makes you eat all of it in the moment.

Your brains says, “Well, if I can never have this again, I better eat it all while I have the chance!”

And I know you know this happens, because you see it happen over and over again!

And so have I! I used to deal with this myself…until I created a different relationship with food…

How I Overcame My ‘All or Nothing Relationship with Food and How You Can Too!

I Stopped Attaching Emotion to Food

Meaning, the quality of person I was had nothing to do with the foods I choose to eat.


Understanding that food is on a continuum. Some food is more healthy than others. One isn’t “good” and the other “bad.”

Which means there are certain foods we live on and others we don’t. Just because a food is less healthy doesn’t mean it can never be eaten (even if you want to lose fat.) It just all comes back to how much of this food you’re eating in total.

And this is why we want to get rid of the good and bad labels. Because this is what makes us lose control over how much of this food we’re going to eat.

Why the Dieting Mindset Will Never Lead to Fit AND Happy

The dieting mindset is so black and white...and the world we live in is not black and white.

It has a lot of gray.

Meaning, there’s a lot of ebbs and flows in real life. And just having a bunch of rules telling you want you can and cannot do doesn’t work in the real world-because it’s always changing.

You need tools on how to deal with cravings and the ebbs and flows of real life.

Right now, the food is in control. Not you.

The way your mind is currently wired to think about food is what’s giving food the control. You want to change the way you think about/interact with food so you can be in control.

Telling yourself a certain food is off limits or that you’re never going to have it again is not reality. And it’s going to make you want to do the complete opposite of what you’re trying to do.

How Brainy Betties Helps You Overcome Your ‘All of Nothing’ Eating and Take away the Stress so you can be Fit AND Happy!

Having a great relationship with food isn’t just about overcoming ‘All or Nothing’ eating.

It’s about taking the stress away from eating and learning how to eat in a way that maximizes your unique body, likes, and life.

And to do this, we need to talk about A LOT of different things other than just fitness.

One of these things is food, and the relationship you have with it.

Read more about how your relationship with food affects your results, life, and happiness in the blog: Why Brainy Betties was Created Post #1: Mindset Around Food

Brainy Betties is not only small group fitness training for women, but an educational program to help make you Fit AND Happy.

What does Being fit AND Happy Feel like?

It feels like freedom.

Freedom from obsessing about food, obsessing about exercise, and obsessing about your body.

It’s a state of caring for yourself and your body that is surrounded in self-care (love for yourself.) Not one of hate and trying to constantly hate yourself into change.

It’s having the fitness level you want while also loving the life you’re living.

Becoming fit AND happy elevates your life in ways you never knew possible.

Not only will you live in a non-obsessed (happy) state, but you live in a state of love for yourself.

This love and active care for yourself is what takes your life to the next level.

Your next level of living.

Be Fit AND Happy!


Click here if you want to end your 'all or nothing' relationship with food so you can be fit AND happy!


Exercising in The Real World: How to be Okay with Not Working Out on Vacation-and Enjoy Your Trip!!


Do you feel like you NEED to work out on vacation?

Are you worried about gaining weight or some kind of unwanted body change?

I just came back from an awesome trip to Minnesota. I used to live there so, I have many friends that I like to reconnect with.

It was super fun and carefree.

But, back in the day, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this trip like I did…

Many years ago, my head would have been consumed with thoughts of “Oh I don’t want to go backwards, I don’t want to get soft, gain weight, I need to make sure I get my workout in” or whatever else.

It was constant worry.

I really couldn’t enjoy my life. Whether I was home, on a trip or whatever-I was constantly worried about the state of my body.

Why was I consumed with these thoughts when I should have been enjoying my trip?

Well…if you’ve been following the blog at all, you already know the answer. It always comes back to….

My worth being on my body.


My lack of understanding of how body change actually worked.

Lets Start with My Lack of Understanding

First of all, if you’re strength training CORRECTLY, you’re creating passive income for yourself in a sense when it comes body change (or maintaining the current state of your body during a period of less frequent workouts.)

Plus, if you’re concerned about body change, the number one thing to keep in mind is how you eat.

Exercise should not be the driver in body change (it’s pretty much impossible to work off a bad diet in the long-run.)

And cardiovascular exercise should be used.

But again, if you’re only doing that, you’re going to have to do WAY more than you should and you’re still not going to get the results you want- because you’re missing the strength training piece (this affects the body and it’s hormones differently.)

So, the point being, if you’re strength training regularly and you go on vacation, as long as you’re eating pretty reasonably there is no reason to think that you would gain weight.

If we’re just talking science, the priority should be eating anyways. But, still who wants to go on vacation and be worried about the state of their freaking body anyways?!

Thoughts of your body don’t need to CONSUME your vacation.

I exercised a little this trip…because I WANTED TO.

Friday was absolutely beautiful, so I walked for an hour outside around the city. But, I didn’t have any structured workouts…I was too busy having a great time with my friends!

This felt so great and really enhanced my life….the walk and the fact that I wasn’t obsessed.

Again, I was obsessed back in the day because my worthiness was on my body. And no amount of science/efficiency is going to get rid of this fact…unless you deal with the underlying drivers.

Having MY Worthiness on MY Body

No matter how much science or efficiency we bring into this (those things are great and we need them, but they are just pieces) we still need to get to the underlying reasons why we feel the way we do.

This is where the worthiness piece comes in…

Seriously, we are all more than bodies. And until we come to terms with this, and really start living and breathing from this place, this constant state of body worry will haunt us.

This is of course easier said than done because we have so many cultural messages being thrown as us.

But, this is why the Brainy Betties learn how to deal with these messages and uncover their true value.

You would think that not being obsessed with working out on vacation would fall under the BALANCE category of our education. But, it doesn’t…

It’s FIT (the science of exercise and increasing your efficiency) and AUTHENTIC (dealing with where your worthiness is and combating cultural messages in a way that helps you live as your best self.)

Talking to Anna

I was talking to a great friend of mine (old college roommate) in Minnesota about Brainy Betties. She asked me, “So, what do you do there?”

I explained to her how it’s personal training but also an educational program to help make women Fit AND Happy forever.

I then explained to her that it needs to be both. And one reason is because a woman’s relationship with her body can drive her poor relationship with her food, her exercise, and before I could say it, she chimes in with “AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN HER EFFING LIFE!!”

Yes, exactly! Thank you Anna!!!

This is why, unless you deal with your underlying relationship with your body and yourself, it’s very hard to have a healthy, happy relationship with food, exercise, vacation, or anything else.

How we think drives how we live. Get your mind right.

Be Fit AND Happy,


Click here if you want to be fit, but not have it control your life!


Why Brainy Betties was Created: Post #3 Mindset of Self


This is post 3 in the Why We Were Created Series. See bottom for full list.

Most people who purchase personal training are women.


Do women have more money than men?


Do they care more about their health?


Are they more motivated?


But why?

Women are More Motivated to Change the Way They Look Because This is What They’ve Been Taught to Put Their Value On

Many times when a woman purchases personal training she thinks, “This is the answer to my happiness. I will now have a “great” body and I will be happy.”

The problem is, traditional personal training does’t deal with the underlying driver of a women’s unhappiness (where she has her worth.) And many times, just focusing on fitness and ignoring this worthiness fact, makes this situation worse.

I’m not saying that becoming fitter doesn’t make a women happier, because of course it can.

It’s just a slippery and incomplete slope.

Incomplete because it’s not enough to achieve the level of happiness that women think they’re going to get.

And slippery because a lot of times it can make the problem worse.

When worthiness isn’t being addressed, and we’re now focusing even more on outward appearances, it can continue to drive and deepen the obsession of appearance. The obsession of trying to be “good enough.” Aka worthy.

Unless a woman takes her self-worth off her appearance, she will never be truly happy

She might be happier than she was before she got fit, but it’s not a deep level of happiness and joy of life.

It’s still a mindset of trying to be “good enough.” Now it’s just trying to stay “good enough” or trying to be even “better.”

This unhealthy relationship with a woman and her body/self is what drives unhealthy relationships with her food, exercise, and life.

How This affects a Woman’s Relationship with Her Food, Exercise, and Life

How a woman feels about her body is usually a direct reflection of how she feels about herself.

Our culture has taught her that her worthiness IS her body.

Food and Exercise

THIS is what makes women do crazy diets and exercise fads.

THIS is the driver behind developing unhealthy relationships with food and exercise. Because food and exercise directly affect the way a woman’s body looks.

Our culture just takes advantage of these problems with selling women quick fix “solutions.”

“Solutions” that further enhance these problems.

***You can read about that in the first two posts of this series:

#1 Why we were created: Mindset around Food

#2 Why we were created: Mindset around Exercise


The way our culture talks to women (where a woman has decided to put her worthiness) also affects the way she lives her everyday life.

Is she putting EVERYONE else’s needs before her own because the is what she’s been told she’s supposed to do?


Does she try SOOOO hard to be “perfect” in everything that she does? Because this is what our culture told her she needs to do be a “worthy” woman?

Both of these are exhausting.

And neither lead to a healthy and fulfilled life.

***I will be talking about these life mindsets more in the next post of this series:

Why We Were Created: Mindset Around Life

I Know All This Because I Have Lived It

And have watched many other women live it as well.

I’ve been fit for a long time. But, not Fit AND Happy for a long time.

I’ve actually been leaner than I am right now and was way more unhappy. I was stuck in the body obsession rabbit hole. Enough was never enough.

And it was never going to be enough until I changed my mindset.

It has not been all that long that I have been fit and truly happy-around 5 years. And I’ve been into fitness for the last 15.

This level of happiness never came until I liberated myself from having my value on my appearance

This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about my appearance.

It just means I’m not obsessed with it.

And it’s not by any means where I derive my value from my myself or my life.

You might look at me and say, “Well that’s easy for you to say, you’re fit. It’s easy for you to just liberate yourself.”

Ha! I can assure you it’s the exact opposite. I’m held to an even higher “standard” being in personal training.

I just choose to create my own standards and live by my own rules.

And I teach other women how to do the same.

THIS is the true heart of Brainy Betties

This component right here is what sets women free and gives them that level of happiness they are actually after.

To be Fit AND Happy, the inner work needs to be done. It’s not just an exercise and food thing-it’s a mindset of self-thing.

This is the whole AUTHENTIC piece of our educational program (we have FIT, AUTHENTIC, and BALANCED-Living the F.A.B. life)

AUTHENTIC is all about this deeper happiness piece. It helps women feel great in their own skin (regardless of their level of fitness at the time) and put their worth where it’s supposed to be.

It allows them to live their life as who they truly are-not constantly trying to live up to some imaginary standard.

This piece right here is why I’m excited to get up at 5am every Friday morning. I LOVE seeing women make their way through these inner changes-and how they change ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in that woman’s life.

This is why I do what I do.  

Be Fit AND Happy!


Click here if you would like to learn how you can be Fit AND Happy!


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5.   Food, Exercise, Life, and Self-How They’re All Intertwined (Coming Soon)

6.   Food, Exercise, Life, and Self-A Cultural Problem (Coming Soon)

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Why Brainy Betties was Created: Post #2 Mindset Around Exercise


*This is post 2 in the Why We Were Created Series. See bottom for full list.

Have you ever heard anyone say:

“More exercise is always better!”


“If I don’t annihilate myself, or make sure I hurt to the point I can barely walk tomorrow, I didn’t have a good workout”


“I can’t do my whole workout so I might as well not do anything at all.”


“It doesn’t matter that you’re sick, show up and push through! Be beastmode!”

All of this is just downright stupid and I will tell you why….

Because EVERY SINGLE ONE of these is what causes people to eventually fail.

I know you’re saying, “Wait, what? I thought this was what I needed to do to be successful?”

Well, here’s the truth:

The mainstream fitness media is came up with these mindsets because they want to:

1. Make Money (as their main priority)

2. Make it look like their products/program “work” by giving people short-term gains.

These terrible mindsets work WONDERFULLY in the short-term, but they kill you in the long-term.

You NEED these mindsets to have drastic short-term results.

And this is what these companies want. They want you to have these drastic short-term results because it not only “proves” that their programs “work”, but it’s also giving you want you want.

The problem is, it isn’t giving you what you NEED.

And it’s making your chance of being successful for the long-term even harder.

People fail with these mindsets because they are relying on willpower and eventually become exhausted

This line of becoming exhausted is different for everyone. For some people it’s a month. For others it’s a year, 5 years, or even ten years!

But, when the person eventually gives up (because they’re human), they feel like it’s their fault.

And of course this is what the company wants.

They want people to think it was their fault. That they just didn’t try hard enough, or weren’t beastmode enough or whatever the eff else. Not that it’s their (the company’s) fault.

So, then it’s on you.

When really, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

These poor mindsets around exercise is the 2nd reason that Brainy Betties has been created.

Being efficient with exercise and having the right mindsets around it is so important because it ensures that it CAN become a lifelong habit.

Like I said in Why Brainy Betties was Created post #1 Mindset Around Food, there are many AMAZING people in this industry working against these mindsets along with me.

But, we need more.

We need more companies making the public understand why these mindsets are so damaging.

Since your mind controls everything that you do, your mindset around anything you are doing is the most important piece to the puzzle.

If your mind isn’t happy, if what you’re doing doesn’t feel like it’s the ‘new you’, it’s not going to last.

Again, hence the name Brainy Betties-mindset it THAT important.

Want to hear the “best” part to this story?

Not only do these mindsets negatively affect your exercise, but (since everything in our brain is connected) it also affects other areas of your health as well.

It’s a domino effect.

How it Potentially Affects Your Food

The mainstream fitness and diet media has also contributed to people having their food and their exercise psychologically linked.

And this looks like:

“Well, I didn’t workout today, so I might as well just “cheat” on my food and get back on track tomorrow.”

How many times have we said we’re just going to start over tomorrow? Only for tomorrow to either never come,


When it does, we repeat this same cycle AGAIN?

This is why these mindsets don’t work in the real world-they lead to perfectionism aka ‘The All or Nothing’ mindset.

You can read about how our food also can affect our exercise in the first post of this series: Why Brainy Betties was Created Post #1 Mindset Around Food.

How it Potentially Affects Your Self-Image

Every time we fail with food or fitness (or anything), it makes us see OURSELVES as a failure.

This makes it harder for our brain to see us as successful in the future.

Every time we fail, it makes it harder and harder to be successful.

Not in reality, but just as our brain views it (unless we do something about it.)

Again, hence why getting our brain and our mindsets in the right place is of the utmost importance.

How it Potentially Affects Your Whole Life

Continuing to fail will eventually make most people give up completely.

Potentially going through an entire life with less physical activity and less happiness than they could have.

And of course less than they deserve.

These mindsets make fitness feel like a constant uphill battle. But, it doesn’t have to

Fitness is for everyone. You just have to tweak the process to make it fit YOU as an individual.

Not try to fit YOUSELF to some mass-produced process.

So How Do You Change These Mindsets?

Get Out of The ‘All or Nothing’ Mindset

Understand that perfection doesn’t exist well in real life and it’s the enemy of long-term success.

It will eventually exhaust you.

Get Accurate Exercise Science Advice So You Can Be Efficient

It’s not about annihilating yourself or being in pain. It’s about making your body stronger and more fit.

Anyone off the street could send you through a workout of pain.

But, only one that understands how the body actually works, can turn you into your most optimal self-and help you do it for the rest of your life.

Understand More is NOT Always Better

Understand your rest periods are just as important as your workouts themselves. Our bodies don’t actually change when we are strength training. They change when we are resting.

We just signal a change to happen during our workout.

So, when we are working out too much and not doing proper program design, we are taking ourselves further away from where we want to be.

More is not always better. Annihilating yourself is not better. Better program design is better!

Program design that’s based around SOLID science. Not a fad that SOUNDS like science.

How You Can Find Programs/People You Trust

If you ever hear anyone or any company say, “I’ve got the secret” or “This is the greatest thing ever” or “This is the only way to do it”, that’s your cue to run.

There is no secret. There’s just solid science that PROFESSIONALS will use in different ways.

Anyone that really knows what they’re doing isn’t going to try and scam you into being their customer or client by throwing pseudoscience at you.

Or science in any respect that you’re not going to understand.

They’re going to want what’s best for you. And what’s best for you is them educating you in a way that you can understand, so you can make a sound, solid decision FOR YOURSELF.

Just understand that for long-term success, you need the right marriage of science and mindset.

Science to be efficient, mindset to make it yours, and both to make it last.

And whoever you choose to help you do this, is up to you.

Be Fit AND Happy!


Click here if you want to work on your relationship with food so you can be Fit AND Happy!


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8.     Education that Can Be Individualized (Not yet written)

9.     A Cure for Information Overload (Not yet written) 

Eating Healthy in the Real World: How to Deal with Sleep Deprivation


On Friday I was very sleep deprived.

I am up at 5am every Friday morning for a 6am training session with the Brainy Betties. But, this particular week I was quite lazy when it came to getting to bed at a reasonable time.

So, I obviously paid for it the next day.

My cravings for starch are always higher on Fridays (just because I need A LOT of sleep and it’s hard for my body to get enough when I get up that early.)

***Sleep deprivation causes cravings for those of you who don’t know. Our bodies are looking for a quick source of energy to make up for what we are lacking.

So, typically I will just have a little bit more starch than normal and it won’t be a big deal. I just accept the fact that this is the way it’s going to be, because it’s science.

Unless you want to try and fight it (which sometimes you can), but if it’s extreme it will be just downright miserable.

You have the option of just meeting yourself in the middle and making the best of the situation.

***Because many times this fighting it and making it miserable makes us lose control in the future-it can cause future binges. So, it just depends on the situation and whether it’s worth fighting/realistically possible to fight or not.

So, this meeting myself in the middle is what I had to do this past Friday. 

But, to a more extreme degree.

Since I was sooo sleep deprived, I was not only craving simple starches, but with creamy fat on top too (the body wanting even more calories.)

Soooo, when I am in this situation, I want to minimize the damage the best I can. And what I mean by this is two things:

1. I know that the high fat, high starch, high salt combo can highjack the brain for more intense cravings later in the day

And sometimes this spiral can continue on for days until we break it. What you are eating isn’t just about when you are eating it, but also how it affects you later.

2. If you add more protein and fiber to your meal it slows the breakdown

Aka the insulin spike, which means more balanced blood sugar and less chance of future cravings.

So, what did I do?

On a normal day, my lunch would be a protein source, non-starchy veggies (the fiber), a healthy fat, and then however much complex starch I feel I need at that moment (if any.)

But, today mac and cheese popped into my head (because I wanted the fat and simple starch.) I seriously never buy that, but when your brain is that depleted, you will do things you don’t normally do.

But, lucky for me, I have the tools to know how to minimize the damage and make the best of the situation.

***And this is what I teach the Brainy Betties to do in our Mindful Eating education and our Avoiding Overeating Education.

So, first of all, I wanted to buy a version of mac and cheese that was more natural to minimize the chemicals (this is just to minimize the crappy feeling I would have if I ate a regular boxed mac and cheese.) So, I went to the store and bought the Aunie’s natural mac and cheese.

And on my way home I was thinking, “What protein and vegetable source do I want to add to this meal to slow the breakdown of this mac and cheese AND to also to fill me up so I don’t eat as much of it further increasing my chances of having it cause cravings later?”

So, I picked chicken breast, and a cucumber and onion salad (which is my non-starchy vegetable go-to since I am lazy with veggie preparation.)

This meal combination satisfied my current cravings, satisfied my hunger, and minimized the damage of future cravings (and this was especially important to do that day since I would be fighting cravings all day long due to the lack of sleep-I wouldn’t want to make it worse.)

Would I Have Eaten This Mac and Cheese if My Goal was to Lose Body Fat?

Since I am happy with my level of body fat and I am in maintenance mode, I might have tried a little harder to fight the craving if I was trying to lose body fat. And if it wasn’t fightable, I would have been even more mindful of how much of it I ate.

I also would have made sure I went for a walk to put that starch to good use.

But!! You know what I actually would have done if I knew my goal was to lose body fat?

I would have went to bed when I knew I should have. Versus staying up and reading stuff on the internet.

Because I would have known that if I didn’t get enough sleep that this would happen and make it waaay harder for me to eat the way I want to.

This is why it’s so important to not only have a good relationship with food, but also understand how different foods and food combinations work in your body (the physiology of food.) And how different outside factors in our life (like sleep deprivation, stress etc) affect those things as well.

***We go through all of this stuff in our Mindful Eating education and Avoiding Overeating Education. And if fat loss is your goal, we go into this in more depth in our Eating for Fat loss education and Advanced Eating for Fat Loss education.)

This is how you can get to your goals in real life and actually stay there. Because you aren’t following a bunch of rules. You understand how all this stuff works and you learn how to adjust it on the fly when life throws you curveballs…

Because it’s going to. That’s just life.

This is why diets and food rules don’t work in real life. ***One of the reasons I created Brainy Betties-you can read about that here.

Be Fit AND Happy!


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Why Brainy Betties was Created: Post #1 Mindset Around Food


*This is post 1 in the Why We Were Created Series. See bottom for full list.

The Fitness Industry (as a whole) is Missing the Mark

The mainstream fitness media screws you out of long-term results and happiness because it completely avoids talking mindset around your food, your exercise, your life, and yourself.

But, here’s the problem:

Your mind controls EVERYTHING you do.

And the way these companies market and push their products actually INCREASES your poor mindset around all of those things-this keeps you struggling and “needing” to come back for their products.

This is because they are selling you rules.

Not guidelines and teaching you how to mold them to your unique self and life. Which is how you get long-term results

There are Amazing People in the Industry

Just FYI, there ARE amazing people in this industry talking mindset.

Just not enough.

Hence reason #1 why Brainy Betties was born: Mindset Around Food.

How Your Mindset Around Food Affects Your Results, Life, and Happiness

You Can Get Short-Term Results Without Addressing Mindset, But Not Long-Term Results

Not while being happy at least. Why?

Reason #1: Food Rules are Band-Aids

Many times people subscribe to food rules to try and get a grip on their food intake (and this works in the short-term!). But, really this is just putting Band-Aids on underlying issues.

And this is why eventually they end up failing.

You can push through something for a while, but in the end, the real you/problems with your food re-surface.

For long-term results, you need to create a relationship with food that isn’t relying on willpower.

This is one where you understand how different foods/food combos affect your body and cravings. And one that deals with underlying mindset issues (all or nothing, situational eating, shame/overeat cycle.

You NEED to have a healthy relationship with food to be successful long-term.

You’re Living in a Bubble

You can live in a bubble for a while. But, once real life hits, you’re screwed.

You’re living in a bubble because living by rules doesn’t allow you to adjust to the normal ebbs and flows of real life: stress, lack of sleep, tight schedule, emotional rollercoasters etc.

If you aren’t dealing with your actual relationship with food (mindset) you aren’t able to deal with life’s normal ebbs and flows.

All things that are normal, that you WILL encounter, and will pop your bubble.

How Food Rules and Living in a Bubble (the way the mainstream media presents eating) Further Messes with Your Long-Term Results

It Affects Your Relationship with Yourself

When these food rules fail you, it makes you feel like a loser and that you’re the reason you aren’t successful.

And each time you are unsuccessful, it makes it harder to be successful in the future just because you think you can’t be.

Even though this isn’t true.

But, try telling your brain that when it feels like it’s tried EVERYTHING in the past and has been unsuccessful.

It Affects Your Relationship with Your Exercise

Many times when people start a fitness program or a diet, their food and exercise are very much psychologically linked.

Meaning, if they “screw up” their eating they think, “Well, what’s the point of exercising since I already ate crappy?”

And this can work in the reverse too, “Well, I didn’t workout today, so I might as well just “cheat” on my food and get back on track tomorrow.”

As you can see, when your food is linked to your exercise (in any way other than fueling your workouts) it can be detrimental. Especially when our relationship with food is based on rules and ‘black and white’/ ‘all or nothing’ thinking because it’s just too easy to be derailed.

We are not compartmentalized beings. One thing affects the other and that thing effects something else.

Which brings me to my next point…

It Affects Your Whole Life

I think this point is pretty straight forward, but I will point it out anyways. When something is derailing your food, exercise, and how you feel about yourself as a whole, it’s obviously going to impact the quality of your whole life.

Thinking that these diets and food rules are the only way to get healthy can lead us into a life of yo-yoing with our weight, on and off exercise cycles, poor self-image etc.

Adding this all up can lead to life of poor physical health. Or at the very least, less than what we are capable of and deserve.

Soooo, Long Story Short

One of the many reasons Brainy Betties has been created is to help women with their relationship with their food so they can be Fit AND Happy for the rest of their lives.

Be Fit AND Happy!


Click here if you want to work on your relationship with food so you can be Fit AND Happy!

*I will be writing the rest of this series in the upcoming weeks.

Posts in the Why We Were Created Series:

1.     Mindset Around Food

2.     Mindset Around Exercise 

3.     Mindset Around Self

4.     Mindset Around Life (Not yet written)

5.     Food, Exercise, Life, and Self-How They’re All Intertwined (Not yet written)

6.     Food, Exercise, Life, and Self-A Cultural Problem (Not yet written)

7.     Education that Gets to the Bottom of Deeper Behavioral Issues (Not yet written)

8.     Education that Can Be Individualized (Not yet written)

9.     A Cure for Information Overload (Not yet written) 

Yes, I Have Eaten An Entire Pizza


No this wasn’t recently.

And yes it was a Freschetta-I think it was this 4 cheese combo to be exact.

This epic night was about 15 years ago at my friend Carrie’s house.

A night so epic that we both remember it to this day….(I have been telling her for a while I am going to write a blog about it, and here we are!)

We were two teenage girls who decided on a Friday night we wanted pizza.

Pretty normal right?

And like a person with a normal relationship with food, Carrie had 1 or two pieces…

Then stupidly…I ate the rest.

This night wasn’t only epic because I ate an entire pizza, but because I was then rolling around her living room carpet in pain for the rest of the night.


You might ask yourself why would I do that???!!

Why would I eat so much that I was in that much pain???

Why didn’t I just stop when I was full???


I Had Food Shame

Being full had absolutely nothing to do with it.

When I talk about mindset around food, this is exactly what I’m talking about…

This is an extreme example of what can happen when we start labeling foods good and bad. We lose control around the food.

We think we’re in control because we’re telling ourselves “I’m just going to eat this pizza now, because well, I’m already bad, I already starting eating it, so I might as well just keep going…and well, since I’m never going to do this again, I will just eat the whole thing. I might as well just finish it off.”

Since I was labeling pizza a bad food, I was bad when I ate it.

This shame is what causes things to spiral out of control. And as we know, even though we’re telling ourselves, “This is never going to happen again”…


It always does because it’s this exact mindset that causes this behavior to repeat itself.

The thing we think will get us out of this mess, is the same exact mindset causing us to repeat it….over…and…over…and over.

Until we break the cycle.

I now have a very healthy relationship with food. I can very easily have one piece of pizza (or some amount that is reasonable considering my hunger) and stop.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how freeing this is.

I used to feel like I was in a food prison…That night it was a pizza prison.

How I Did It

I Stopped Labeling Foods Good and Bad

Some foods are more nutritious than others and those are the ones we should be living on.

But, just because we have a less nutritious food here and there doesn’t mean it’s going to break our health or cause us to gain weight or whatever nonsense you have been preached by the diet culture.

I Learned Food Physiology

Certain foods and food combinations affect our brain differently. This means certain foods and combinations have a different effect on our hunger and cravings when we’re eating the food AND even hours after we eat it!

This is why, when a person is trying to lose body fat, it’s not just about calories! You need to understand how the food is affecting your body hormonally to easily be successful long-term.

I Practiced

You don’t get knowledge one day and then wake up a different person the next. It takes practice. It takes trial and error. And it takes compassion (you will “mess up”, be easy on yourself and just learn from it.) And most importantly, it takes time.

You’re changing yourself from the inside out. That’s deep. So, give yourself a break.

I Figured Out It was More Than Just Food-and Fixed That Problem Too

I also learned, in my wise old age, that my negative relationship with my body was what was driving this negative relationship with food (and exercise too-which I will write about some other time.)

Since food directly affects the look of one’s body, when we hate our bodies, we will naturally have some type of negative mindset around food. The degree to which, is person dependent.

Hating our bodies doesn’t just effect our relationship with our bodies-it effects EVERYTHING in our life.

This is one of the MANY reasons I started Brainy Betties-to help women develop a healthier relationship with their food AND their bodies.

If we just keep putting Band-Aids on our problems (diets, quick fix exercise programs etc.) not only do the problems come back, but they come back stronger than ever.

You want to get to the root of your problems so you can be Fit AND Happy.

And I PROMISE you, you can. You just need the right tools.

Be Fit AND Happy!


If you want more help on becoming Fit AND Happy, click here.

Why the Company You Keep is So Important to the Quality of Your Life


Training people in a small town I often hear things like:

- “You know other people who actually love themselves?”

- “You know other people who don’t constantly get caught up in gossip and talk crap about other people to make themselves feel better?”

Yea, I do.

Because those are the people I choose to let into my mind (my newsfeed, my books, my personal time etc.)

And over the weekend, I was in a room with 2,500 people like that. I was at a conference with entrepreneurs whose main focus is to better humanity. These people want to better themselves so they can better help others.

Being around that many genuine people at the same time helps you level up- get rid of more of your shitty layers.

It elevates you spiritually.

One of the speakers, Dr. Shefali (expert in conscious parenting) said, “Growth is deconstructive.” Meaning, in order to grow, you have to peel back the layers and get rid of the garbage holding you back.

At Brainy Betties we talk a lot about being your authentic self -because this is part of overcoming negative body image and negative relationships with fitness.

And part of uncovering your authentic self is removing the layers of garbage (untrue and negative thoughts) that have been put on you by our society or upbringing that hold you back from seeing who you really are (not who you think you “should” be, but who you really are) and living as that person.

We can always rise to our next level of spirituality (remove more layers of our garbage.)

This is always something I am trying to do.  Sometimes the specific layers need to be pointed out to you, other times it’s just the company and energy you keep.

This is why the people you hang around are so important to the quality of your life.

Are they people that are trying to bring other people up? Or are they living in gossip and hiding behind the fear of not being good enough?

Because this is what gossip is…it’s comparing ourselves to others so we feel worthy. It’s really a constant comparison of where we “stand” in the world. “How am I doing/How am I measuring up?” in a sense.

But, this is the problem…our society is using the wrong measuring stick…

People in our society think that their happiness is outside of themselves (how successful they are, how they look, what they drive,) aka how they measure up to others.

But, the truth is, our happiness and our wholeness is already present. It’s inside. We just need to remove the garbage to be able to see it!

So, when you’re in a room full of such genuine and loving energy, you can’t help, but to level up. It makes you see life even clearer than you did before. It helps you be more of who you are because it just solidifies what’s truly important in your life and the lives of others (humanity.)

This makes you live in a happier, more fulfilled, and joyous state.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

So, needless to say I will be returning next September to get more nuggets from some of the brightest most caring people in the world.

Not only to better Brainy Betties, but myself.

Be Fit AND Happy!


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I Eat Doritos in Bed


I felt your gasp and shaming eye as you read that title.

I know you’re thinking:

“You’re in a health field, you can’t do that!”

“Doritos aren’t healthy, you’re setting a bad example for your clients.”

“You must not really care about your health, everyone knows you can’t eat Doritos and be healthy…let alone in bed…ugh!”

Well, guess what? None of those are true.

-If I lived on Doritos, yes I would be unhealthy.

-If I never got out of bed, yes I would probably be unhealthy.

-If I ate Doritos ONLY in bed, there might be something to say for this.

-AND if I acted like I was a robot who never ate minimally nutritious foods, I would be doing my clients a disservice. I am a real person and I teach women how to be healthy while navigating REAL life and being a REAL person.

Why You Feel the Need to Shame Me

The reason you feel the need to shame me is because of how you’ve been programed to view food.

Our society is very black and white with food-this causes food shaming. People getting all ‘hoity toity’ and ‘better than thou’ about their food choices.

You aren’t a better person than anyone else because of what you choose to nourish your body with. And another person isn’t better than you.

Everyone just needs to get over themselves and realize this is causing serious problems-which we will get to in a minute.

And remember, if someone is food shaming you, it’s because they have their own hang-ups around food.

The Reality

I Am Well Aware of What I’m Doing and I Am CHOOSING to Do it Because it’s Adding Enjoyment to My Life

Guess what? I love Doritos! Not all of them…just the Sweet Spicy Chili. I don’t ever eat the other ones because they aren’t as good to me. If I’m going to indulge in something, it’s going to be something I really like.

*Side note

My 3 Favorite Indulgences are:

1. Sweet Spicy Chili Doritos

2. Apple Cider Donuts-Golden Harvest Farms in Valatie (I don’t want to hear how great anyone else’s are until you’ve tried these. They are like cinnamon and sugar clouds in your mouth. Do your life a favor and get some, they are there all year long!)

3.  Bang Bang Shrimp-Bonefish Grill (and yes, I am still devastated that the one on Wolf Road closed! Ugh!)

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, back to the blog…

I am very well aware of what I am doing when I’m eating them…I’m enjoying them and CHOOSING to eat them because they make me happy.

Eating them in bed just makes the enjoyment that much better.

This Doesn’t Mean I Wasn’t Healthy the Rest of the Day or that This is Me ‘Throwing in the Towel’ in Any Way.

Just because I ate Doritos in bed doesn’t mean I didn’t live on vegetables, protein, and more nutritious foods the rest of the day, that I didn’t strength train or walk that day. I did all of those things. I just wanted some damn Doritos!

And there’s nothing wrong with this…

Stop letting people food shame you or act like you have to be so black and white with your eating.

Food is on a Continuum

Meaning some foods are more nutritious than others. So, you might want to live on certain foods and not on others. But, it doesn’t mean that any food can’t be enjoyed at a certain time. And be enjoyed any way you want it.

If eating a Snickers in the hot tub is up your alley, then do that! Again, I just wouldn’t do it every day.

This mindset of labeling things ‘good and bad’ is what gets us into trouble and creates disordered eating patterns long-term. It creates a mindset of perfectionism. And since perfectionism doesn’t exist well in real life, this causes a lot of people to throw in the towel.

Perfectionism is What’s Screwing You Over (or at least making you miserable)

So, isn’t that ironic?

The thing you thought was ‘throwing in the towel’ is actually an act that’s preventing you from doing so in the long-run.

Just something to ponder.

Okay! Well, I am off to workout now- since I can eat Doritos and workout in the same day.

…And so can you.

Be Fit AND Happy!


If you want to learn how you can think differently about fitness and food so you can be

Fit AND Happy visit:


Why Being Superwoman is Hurting Your fitness…and what You Can Do Instead.


Do you own your own life and only your life?

Or do you try to save the world by trying to take on EVERYONE’S garbage that has nothing to do with you?

I’m going to be very blunt with you.

If you want to be fit long-term, you have to own your life, teach the people closest to you how to own theirs’s (so you don’t have to ALWAYS pick up the slack) and discern where people really need your help or if they’re just taking advantage of you.

When it comes to getting fit long-term, aka in REAL life (not some quick fix fad diet or exercise program)...

how you live your WHOLE ENTIRE life matters.

And for many women in America, this means learning how to let others help themselves.

Because Superwoman gets tired. And when Superwoman gets tired and burnt out, she has no time or energy left over to tend to her own health.

Remember, you DESERVE to be well-cared for too. Not just everyone else. And not JUST because then you can better care for someone else. This is great, but you deserve it just because you are worthy of it.

You are worthy of living a life of health, happiness and joy.

End of story.

But, this isn’t going to happen if you are taking on everyone’s garbage.

And just to be clear, there’s a difference between having little kids (who really do need your help) and having “friends” and family members in your life letting you do shit for them just because you are willing and want to help.

Remember this, the more you do, the more people will expect.


You teach people how to treat you.

Also, when we help someone just because we can and they expect it, we aren’t really doing them any favors for their future. They need to be able to care for themselves to be healthy, happy, and joyful as well.

So, of course I’m not saying don’t help other people. We are on this planet to help others in some way or another.

What I’m saying is, make sure you are helping for the right reasons and that it’s not taking away from YOUR health (and if it is, that it’s something special and you’re making the conscious choice to do it.)

Right Reasons:

Because you love them, they are truly appreciative, and they might not have been able to do it without you.

Wrong Reasons:

-Because this is where you gather your worthiness from (really ponder this one.)

-Because they are guilting you into it.

-They aren’t appreciative.

-They could have done it themselves, but they just know you will do it for them, so they let you.

*These will be at the expense of your health.

We only have so much energy to go around. And when it’s being given to things that aren’t really a priority, we have less for ourselves.

Fitness doesn’t live in a bubble.

If you want to be fit, you need to look at how you live your WHOLE life. Not just your exercise and food.

Be Fit AND Happy!



Part of being Fit AND Happy is having the BALANCE in our lives to pull off being fit in real life.

To learn more about Brainy Betties and how you can become Fit AND Happy in REAL life click here

Learning to Love Yourself is the Most Self-Less Thing You Can Do


Do you feel that loving yourself is selfish?

Well, this should help…

In the end, loving yourself isn’t about you. It’s about what you can bring to others-to humanity.

When you get to the point of loving yourself, you’ve overcome the self-limiting bullshit stories in your head. This allows you to really do what you’re here to do.

It’s amazing…we’re in a country where we are physically free. But, remain in a prison of “I’m not enough” in our own heads.

Shame researcher and PhD social worker Brene Brown says,

“Be willing to let go of who you think you should be, in order to become who you are.”

Women in our country are so held back by so many self-limiting stories they’ve been fed their entire existence. And NONE of them are true. We just choose to entertain them in our heads and make them our reality.

You ARE enough.

And if you want to live your life to its greatest potential, you will need to come to terms with this.

Stop Mom Shaming Yourself and Others

You are NOT less of a mom if you have a fulltime job. Nor are you less of a contributor to society if you stay at home or don’t have any kids at all. You are right where you need to be, doing what you need to do for the world.

Unless, you’re feeling called to do one over the other and aren’t listening to it because of what other people might think. If this is the case, you aren’t being true to yourself…. listen to that shit.

*Note: If you want to be a mom so badly and are having troubles, this is of course not what I’m talking about here. Just know you ARE whole as you are, and seen as well. Much love and luck to you.

And if you find yourself shaming other mom’s, look at your own life. There’s a reason you feel the need to call her out, there’s something inside yourself or your own life that you’re not happy with.

No happy, fully content person goes around trying to hurt others or tear others down-they build others up.

Look at yourself first.

Stop Listening to the Message, “You ARE Your Body” “You ARE Your Appearance”

Unless you are actively doing work to combat this message, it will get ahold of you. It’s everywhere. Being driven down women’s throats constantly.

The two biggest things to remember here are these:

1. You Have a Choice

You have the choice to determine how closely you want to be aligned with our culture. How important appearances actually are to you.

But, the problem comes in when we have our WORTH on our bodies or our appearance. Because as long as we have our worth on our bodies or our appearance, it’s impossible for US to actually make the decision of what we want-it will be culture making it for us.

This leads me to my next point…

2. You Are Body, Mind, AND Soul

In order for you to take your worth off of your body, you have to figure out where it actually should be.

And this requires the hard work of: 1. Figuring out WHO you are, 2. Accepting those things, and 3. Loving and living those things out.

By doing this you also bring balance back to who you are as a compete being. When so much of our focus is on our body, our existence becomes out of balance-leading to unhappiness.

There’s a big difference between wanting to get fit because you want to optimize your existence and doing it because you think you need to be fixed.

You DO NOT need to be fixed.

Stop letting the media tell you WHO you are and where your worth should be.

Mom shame and having our worth on our appearance and bodies are just 2 ways of MANY that women are shamed in our culture.

Start paying attention to how you feel shamed (or less than worthy) in your life. Instead of giving in to those thoughts and agreeing with them, investigate them, challenge them, dismantle them.

See them for what they really are...ways to try and get you to conform. Whether that be to culture or to other people in your life.

By you living in a way that isn’t really you, is conforming. And when you are conforming, you aren’t honoring, respecting, or loving yourself. And when you’re not loving yourself, the world isn’t getting what it needs out of your existence.

This is why learning to love yourself is the most self-less thing you can do.

Be Fit AND Happy!


"When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible." - Brene Brown

Part of being Fit AND Happy is becoming our Authentic selves.

As long as we have our worth on our body or appearance, it doesn’t matter how fit we become, we will never be happy.

To learn more about Brainy Betties and how you can become Fit AND Happy click here